Whiskey and Wisdom by Chela Novak (2011)

a credible blend of whiskey and wisdom,

on recent weekend mornings at 6 am.

down in the tube, there are possibilities.

creative solutions for glass.

an evening of hope,

able to leap tall bridges in a single bound.

you got a bottle of grey goose vodka for only 1 cent.

and again,

the audience ate it up.

you say i’m

one of the witches of the east end,

and hands pop up from our crowd, shouting.

you like the way i sing so you say

“yeah, let’s have dinner soon.”

but i have a boyfriend a little less stable then you,

and they want a security guard who will respond to alarms.

apparently you made me what was supposed to be

a batch of marmalade.

but at least you made me something.

i pushed you away,

so you drank a credible blend of whiskey and wisdom,

on a recent weekend morning at 6 am.

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