Oh, High School Girl by Gemma Caglioti (2011)

When I look at the world, sometimes I can’t stand what I see.


Oh, fifteen year old girl,

You’re only out for yourself, right?

Climbing slowly to the top of popularity.

Just for being a pretty, stuck up bitch.

Your foundation covers your flaws,

and masks the beautiful girl you used to be.

Thinking those girls are really your friends,

and that they’ll keep your secrets.

It’s a joke.


Oh, sixteen year old girl,

You’ve made plenty of mistakes by now.

Wishing you could take back what he stole.

Wishing you took more time focusing on studies

rather than the backstabbers you once considered friends.

And now that you’re fed up,

and have the guts to speak your mind,

you’re considered a bitch.


Oh, seventeen year old girl,

You’re back to where you started.

With something to prove.

They had drained you of all your youth.

Made you waste your time on useless drama.

The only thing that has really changed is,

you’re not out for yourself anymore.

Because you learned it the hard way.


Oh, eighteen year old girl,

Now you’re off to college.

Back to the girl you used to be.

You got into an ivy league school,

so they hadn’t stolen everything from you after all.

You’ve found who you’re meant to be,

because of their lies.

Because of who they were and who you knew you weren’t.

High school had taught you everything.

But you’re happy those days are over.

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