Will It Be Worth It In The End? – Eastport South Manor (2014)


Layla Zapparata and Olivia Arntsen in Lauren Bonawandt’s play “Will It Be Worth It In The End?” Photo by Star Black

Will It Be Worth It In The End? by Lauren Bonawandt

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Anna: If any of these rebel colonists see us we could be killed!

Charlotte: So if you don’t want to get caught keep your voice down!

(Follow her)

Anna: Sorry! I would just rather be at home reading or something.

(Crawls towards her)

Charlotte: I don’t think anyone actually wants to be here. They have to be.

(Sounds of Marching soldiers approaching and leaving)

Charlotte: Sh! Ready. Now!

(jumps over box)

Anna: Ugh! Why is our father the British general?

Charlotte: I don’t really know, nothing can happen to us if we stay in hiding and are careful

Anna: They could even probably hear us now!

Charlotte: Quiet, they’re probably sleeping. There’s nothing to worry about, if you keep your voice down.

Anna: (loud) Do you

Charlotte: Sh!


Anna: Sorry do you think we should start to look for the plans now?

Charlotte: Oh no I was thinking we could do that next year, of course we should start!

(Goes to the nearest soldier’s bag and starts to look inside it)

Anna: I found it! And look how good this bag matches my outfit! It’s perfect!

Charlotte: Anna we aren’t here for messing around are you serious

Anna: I’m taking this home, everyone’s going to be so jealous

(Random solider on the god mic): Who’s there?!

Anna: Its An.. (Screams)

Charlotte: (covers Anna’s mouth) It’s a solider!

Anna: What do we do if he catches us he could kill us!

Charlotte: We need to find a way back home now! But most importantly take this plan back to dad.

Anna: Okay lets just get a move on it!

Charlotte: I may be the slow one but could you get any louder! Now let’s stop talking and get out!

(They leave the group of soldier’s that are now looking for them)

Anna: That was horrifying!

Charlotte: Okay miss over-exaggerator were alive aren’t we?

Anna: Well yes but my hearts racing

Charlotte: Well so is mine but you don’t see me complaining now do you?

Anna: Well stop being so rude about it

Charlotte: Well I’m sorry you have to look like a 2 year old every time we have to do our job

Anna: Whatever, we need to look at this plan before we bring it home anyway

Charlotte: You’re right. Open it up.

(Sitting down)

(They unfold the paper)

Anna: Wow it looks like if we didn’t find this we would of definitely lost the battle of Yorktown

Charlotte: I know! Dad will be so impressed!

Anna: As long as we don’t get caught on our way back home we should be okay

Charlotte: That’s true, it would be horrible if that happened

Anna: Then we better start walking we need to get out of here right about now!

Charlotte: Okay let’s go! Hurry up!

Anna: Wait did you hear that?

Charlotte: It’s probably just an animal or something.

Anna: No, no it was way bigger than that

Charlotte: Well whatever it is, it’s in that bush right there.

Anna: There’s something sticking out of the bush, I just can’t see it

Charlotte: It’s a gun! Run!

(They run off the stage)

Anna: Where are we running to now?

Charlotte: Anywhere but here.

Anna: Okay, but let’s hurry, whoever that was cannot catch up to us

(climb onto the stage)

Anna: I’m so tired can we camp here for the night?

Charlotte: Yeah I guess, as long as it’s only for a couple of hours. We can’t get caught, not now at least. We already have the plan! We have gotten so far!

Anna: I know, but I need sleep.

Charlotte: I know

Anna: Good because I wouldn’t want to go anywhere being tired anyways.

Charlotte: I know

Anna: You have to understand when I’m tired..

Charlotte: Just go to sleep already! We are waking up early FYI!

Anna: Charlotte

Charlotte: yeah

Anna: Are you asleep?

Charlotte: Obviously not.

Anna: Neither am I.

(sits up)

Charlotte: Come on lets get home we’re not getting any sleep here.

Anna: Do you have the plan still?

Charlotte: Of course (mumbles to herself) I’m not the idiot here.

Anna: Heard that!

Charlotte: Whatever. Is it me or do you feel like someone is still following us?

Anna: I’ve always thought so

Charlotte: Let’s just go okay?

Anna: Sure, you do know where we are going right?

Charlotte: Yeah straight, then left, then right, or the other way around I think

Anna: You better figure it out

Charlotte: Of course I will, but I need to get my barring’s straight

Anna: Yeah okay, I’ll believe that.

Charlotte: Oh shut up, I really think someone is following us

(Jumps off the stage)

Charlotte:  Wait, shush! Do you hear that?

Anna: (both of them are Scared) Yeah someone is behind us

Charlotte: Let’s get home!

Anna: Yeah let’s get home

(Hours later) ( as you step up the stairs)

Charlotte: We made it

Anna: Home sweet home

Charlotte: Yes now we just need find dad.

Anna: Finally

Charlotte: I know, it only took what seems like forever

Anna: (mumbles to herself) And you call me the over exaggerator

Charlotte: You’re still loud! I can hear you!

Anna: Let’s just hurry up and go find dad.

Dad: Girls is that you?

Charlotte & Anna: Dad!

Dad: Hello! Sorry I don’t have time to chit chat, do you girls have the plans I asked you to go take from the colonists?

Anna: Yeah, we found them.

Charlotte: Here they are.

Dad: Thank you girls! Hold on to them I’ll get them from you later.

Anna: We were all on our own!

Charlotte: We almost got killed twice!

Dad: That’s horrible.

Charlotte: That’s it?

Dad: No that’s not it, I wouldn’t actually let you guys go on your own. Of course I had someone follow you, to keep you two safe.

Anna: So that’s who was following us!

Charlotte: Why didn’t you tell us? We thought a colonist was following us the whole time!

Dad: I was hoping he wouldn’t get caught; I’ll see you two later.

Both: Bye dad

Dad: Bye girls

Anna: So someone trying to kill us the whole time wasn’t actually following us.

Charlotte: I know that’s crazy

Anna: Well it’s over! We got the plans now we are done

Charlotte: I know let’s go! Didn’t you say you would rather be reading a book anyway?

(both girls walk off stage together)


Cast and playwright of “Will It Be Worth It In The End?” From L to R: Layla Zapparata, Lauren Bonawandt and Olivia Arntsen. Photo by Star Black.

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