True Love – Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies (2010)

by Maigan Monsanto
Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies (F.L.A.G.S. School)

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Scene 1:
Monica: Haven’t seen you in a while.
Rafael: Yea, I know. Just been staying low.
Monica: Why? What happened?
Rafael: Just forget I said anything. Hows the family?
Monica: Great, Daddy got promoted to vice president.
Rafael: Oh really. That’s cool.
Monica: How is your family?
Rafael: They’re in a better place. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are? How when I look at your eyes I just lose myself and for one moment I actually think I may have a chance.
Monica: Thank you. ( She gives him a flirty smile.) What you mean in a better place?
Rafael: You’re welcome. I would love to take you out on a date if you allowed me.
Monica: That would be nice . You know Leslie likes your brother and we should definitely go on a double date.
Rafael: Well that is not going to be possible.
Monica: Why do you have blood in your shirt??
Rafael: I work at a butcher shop.
Monica: That makes sense. So why is it not going to be possible?
Rafael: Well, because, wow, I just can’t get over how beautiful you are.
Monica: What? You didn’t even answer my question.
Rafael: You’re just so pretty. So pretty I’m lost with you. ( Wink wink )
Monica: (Aside- Why does he keep doing that?) Thank you. I would say your cute, but all the blood makes me think other wise.
Rafael: Well what you expect? I just killed a family… Of cows.
Monica: Really, I feel bad for the cows. (Aside) Oh my god. He definitely knows what’s going on. He must know something. He’s probably planning something against me. How did he find out?  This is not good. Or maybe it’s just me. He does work in butcher shop. Yea, I think it’s just me. Here is this nice guy trying to compliment me and here I am thinking these ridiculous thoughts. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m such an idiot. I’m just going to go out on a date with him and see how it goes.

Scene 2:
Rafael: You look gorgeous.
Monica: Oh thank you. That was the point. You don’t look so bad yourself.
Rafael: I agree with you. I don’t mind being covered in blood. I’ve learned to get used to it.
Monica: Right. Sooo, you remember my had got promoted right? (Rafael nods his head) Well, now he is looking for someone to help him out. You think your dad would be interested? He would be a constructer.
Rafael: Yea, no my dad is no longer with us. I told you my family left to a better place. (Aside) This is asking too many questions. I swear if she asks another question about my family I’m… I’m going to… I don’t know but I’m going to do something.
Monica: I keep forgetting you’re independent.
(He ducks down.)
Monica (CONT’D): Why are you hiding?
Rafael: Oh, cop car. I hate them, they follow me everywhere. They are stalkers. But, yea, lets go inside.
Monica:What are we going to do after we eat?
Rafael: Something very, very interesting…

Scene 3:
Monica: That food was good. I can’t believe you know how to cook. I have never had to cook a day in my life because I have a maid.
Rafael: I bet I cook better than your maid. Especially ground —- beef.
Monica: So, what now?
Rafael: I forgot to finish a order. Come with me to the butcher shop so you can help me.
Monica: Sure. That sounds interesting.
Rafael: What you mean interesting? Are you implying something???!
Monica: Not at all. You are just so different. Theres something mysterious about you. I can’t quite read you. Everyone is always intimidated by me. But you… (short pause) you just treat me as if I was innocent.
Rafael: Do you have a problem with that?
Monica: Not at all. Everytime I talk to you, you change the topic.
Rafael: You look beautiful when you’re serious.
Monica: See what I mean?
Rafael: Okay, what do you want to know?
Monica: Why don’t you like talking about your family?
Rafael: Fine, I’ll take you to see them.

Scene 4:
Monica: Why are we here?
Rafael: Well, because I work here.
Monica: But I thought you were going to take me to your family.
Rafael: Yea, I am. Just wait here a sec.
Monica: (Aside) Oh my god. This guy … This guy right here is amazing. He’s so mysterious. Oh man, I think I can actually trust him. Plus dad would love him. They do have a lot in common. They would both do anything to get what they want.
Rafael: Monica, come with me.
(The rotting bodies are revealed.)
Monica: Oh MY GOD.  What happened here??!
Rafael: You said you wanted you see them. Well there they are. They were planning something against me. So I had to stop them.
Monica: Are you serious? I bet the police is out looking for you.
Rafael: Yea, and anyways who cares?
Monica: I care!
Rafael: Why?
Monica: Because I liked you!
Rafael: So what changed now?
Monica: Well, now…  Now, I love you ! (she hugs him)
Rafael: Really? That is nice. You just made me the happiest man.
Monica: I’ve always had a thing for bad boys. It’s because my dad… my dad is vice president of a band of hit-men. Well, of “contractors.”
Rafael: Oh, this is awesome. I found the perfect family. Who knew I would get so lucky?
Monica: Now you and daddy can both train me!
Rafael: I would love to. I really didn’t want to tell about what happened. I thought you would be a little girl about it and I would have to kill you.
Monica: Awwww that’s the sweetest thing any one has said to me.
Rafael: I love you. Let’s get married!  (Aside) Who would’ve known I would find a perfect match?  I would’ve never expected this from Monica. It’s true, you never really know anyone. I always thought she was so innocent. I was way off!

The company of TRUE LOVE, L to R: Dulce Rico (Monica), Maigan Monsanto, Jose Paulino (Rafael)

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