The Wish List – Shelter Island (2012)

Julia Labrozzi and Olivia Yeaman peform in Evi Rose Kaasik Saunders’ play, “The Wish List.” Photo by Star Black.

The Wish List by Evi Rose Kaasik Saunders

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Juliette in bedroom looking in vanity mirror admiring herself, putting on lipgloss and sipping a Frappaucino.

Juliette: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Why, me of course! Speaking of me, my birthday’s coming up, isn’t it mirror? Hold that note mirror, I have to go write my birthday list.

Sits on bed with notebook, starts writing.

Juliette: Hmmm….oh! I want a convertible!

Looks up into space and shakes her head slowly then scribbles out the writing.

Juliette: A cranberry red convertible Porsche! Another horse would be nice…Even better! I wanna Friesian horse, oh, and a koala! Hmmm…maybe a yacht preferably 114 feet. Would it be going too far asking for a leer jet and?

Sarah walks in.

Juliette: (notices Sarah standing there) Oh, uh, hi Sarah. How much of that did you hear?

Sarah: Hey! What’s up? Did I hear leer jet? Are you going on a trip?

Juliette: Um, no. (tries to change the subject) What’s going on? Is there cheerleading today?

Sarah: Yeah. That’s why I’m here, to remind you.

Juliette: Wanna hang out after cheer?

Sarah: Sorry, I can’t. I signed up to volunteer for St. Elizabeth’s soup kitchen. Wanna come with me?

Juliette: EWWW! No! GAWD SARAH DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME? You’re kidding me. (Pauses and acts as if she’s saying something disgusting) Why would I want to help people? And why would I wanna give up my precious time to collect money for others. Especially…the…poor?

Sarah: Sorry, I thought it might be fun. I didn’t think you’d be so against it…any how watcha writing? (Sits on bed next to her)

Juliette: Just writing some ideas for my birthday list. Any ideas? Your birthday’s coming up too, what are you asking for?

Sarah: Oh…hmm…well one thing I’m asking for is money to help out the family on Birch Street whose son needs a huge operation…I think they really need –

Juliette: Wait, the boy, on Birch Street, Timmy?

Sarah: Yah, you know him?

Juliette: Not personally, but everyone was talking about how he died yesterday…didn’t you hear?

Sarah: (starts shaking and stuttering, looks like she just saw a ghost) W-w-w-w-what? He died? (Looks like it hurts for her to say it)

Juliette: Mhm, you didn’t know? (examining nails, looks like she doesn’t care)

Sarah: (drops to floor and starts sobbing and whining) This is all my fault! There must have been more I could’ve done! If I wasn’t at stupid cheer practice and thinking only about myself none of this would’ve happened! This is all my fault!

Juliette: (Shocked. Doesn’t know what to say. Sits of floor next to Sarah and starts trying to comfort her) It’s okay Sarah. Don’t worry it’s not your fault. Nothing could’ve saved him. Besides Sarah, you tried your best-

Sarah: No. No I didn’t. If I just…

Juliette: Sarah, face it. You did the best you could. There was nothing else you could’ve done. (pauses) Come on! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, so what else are you asking for your birthday?

Sarah: Well…besides helping out Timmy (sniffles) I also want food to donate to the food pantry, money to donate to the polar bears who are suffering from global warming, animal shelters, the nature conservancy, oh and don’t get me started on world hunger and cures for diseases (Pauses and acts as if still recovering from the awful news but is cheering up) What are you asking for Juliette?

Juliette: Um, I’m um (quickly closes journal and puts it behind her) I’m, uh, not finished (Kind of long pause thinking) Sarah? What about yourself? Everything on your list is for other people?

Sarah: Oh I already have everything I need. Why would I want stuff for myself when other people need it much more? The money could be going to a much better cause than me asking for something for myself that’s a ridiculous waste of money like a Porsche. I mean I’m 14, I can’t even drive yet!

Juliette: (Starts blushing and looks nervous) Hahaha Yeah… (Starts stuttering) psshhh yah! (nervous laugh) Why would anyone want a Porsche? How ridiculous! (quickly starts crossing it out on list)

Sarah: (Raises an eyebrow) Okay, anyway, we have cheer practice now…Ya coming?

Juliette: Oh you can go without me. I’ll be there in a minute.

Sarah: Okay, see ya there!

Juliette: Yep, see ya there!

(Sarah leaves room)

(Juliette picks up phone and starts dialing then puts it to her ear)

Juliette: Hello, is this St. Elizabeth’s soup kitchen? I’d like to sign up to volunteer this Saturday. Okay I’ll be there.

(Hangs up phone. Walks over to mirror)

Juliette: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? (Pauses as if she was going to say “I am” then thinks about it) Sarah is…

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