The Musical (2016)



Bella Racine and Liv Dechene in Justino
Tesoro’s play “The Musical


The Musical

by Justino Tesoro

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Characters: Michelle, Tina.

Every time Michelle says the word SING she will sing SING while facing the audience. Tina speaks in a Brooklyn accent.

Theme: Love conquers all


Lights fade on to a backstage-like area.

Tina runs into the room excited as Michelle follows normally.


Tina: Alright! Soccer Night here I- … come?

Tina stops in shock.

Tina: Wha- Where, where is everyone?!?

Michelle: SURPRISE! There isn’t a soccer night. But-


Tina pulls up her sleeves like she is ready to fight.

Tina: I don’t joke around about Soccer Night.

Michelle: (scared) Well uh… there is another reason why I brought you here Tina.

Tina: For your sake, this better be good.

Michelle: Well I brought you here because (Excitingly) THE AUDITIONS FOR GYPSY ARE TODAY!

There is a pause.

You know? It’s about a mother who takes care of her two daughters.

Tina: Is there a soccer ball in her hands?

Michelle: Well… Not exactly.

Tina: I’m outta here…

Michelle: Too bad, Mom isn’t coming until four o’clock.

(Tina grabs Michelle by the shirt.)

Tina: Are you sayin’ I’m stuck here?

Michelle: Well, uh, “stuck” is a bit of a, harsh word. I would prefer… “the inability to go anywhere else.”

Tina: SERIOUSLY?!? Michelle, You Knucklehead! (Sighs) Michelle look… I- I can’t sing

Michelle GASPS. Michelle pretends to faint and after a pause, she gets up.

Michelle: Since when could you not sing?

Tina: Since you know exactly when.

Michelle: Oh, sister, why can’t you see? Singing is the way to fix everything! From calming nerves, to soothing pains, singing can do anything! But I can’t crack you, you’re a real hard case. Singing to you is a big mistake. But the musical comes not too far, and I swear on my heart, we shall not part. So come on sister spread your wings! I BEG YOU I BEG YOU! Just come on and… SING!

Another pause.

Tina: … uh… no.

Michelle: Really? (Voice crescendos.) Do you know HOW LONG THAT TOOK ME?!?

Tina: (Softly spoken) Listen, Michelle. There’s NO way… just NO way you will evah, EVAH! get me to sing.

Michelle: Hmmm…How ‘bout I take ya to a football game?

Tina: Forgetaboutit Michelle. We both know that you only have 37 cents in your piggy bank.

Michelle: (Quietly) Damn. What if I start watching games with you sis?

Tina: I would take that offer–

Michelle gasps with joy.

Tina: –if I could sing.

Michelle’s positive expression quickly turns sad.

Michelle: HmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmm…

Ding Sound

The following lines are various references to musicals that the actor for Michelle will have to sing.

Michelle: A matchbox of our own, a fence of real chain link–

Tina: No.

Michelle: Just sing a Christmas song, and keep on singing all season long–

Tina: NO!

Michelle: I can show you the world shining shimmering splendid tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide–


Michelle: UNDA DA SEA! UNDA DA SEA! Down where it’s wetter, down where it’s better TAKE IT FROM ME!

Tina Slaps Michelle’s face

Tina: (Yells) Snap out of it! Lay off the candy bars. No wonder mom’s so worried about you.

Michelle: Oh come on sis!!! I don’t understand. Everyone can sing! So why won’t you?

Tina: Because I CAN’T. C-A-N-‘-T. CAN’T.

Michelle: Well if I can sing, us being twins means we BOTH can C-A-N S-I-N-G, SING!

Tina: Well we all can’t be as talented as YOU MICHELLE!

Michelle: Well of course not everyone, (pause) but surely you! In fact I remember that you did sing in Thoroughly Modern Millie! Remember, when we played those Chinese twins, and we had to learn to speak mandarin? By the the end of the show, you practically spoke it fluently, and I couldn’t even order an egg roll without insulting the waiter!

Tina: But I embarrassed myself!!!

Michelle: How?

Tina: Remember? I sang my solo, and then I threw up!

Michelle: Well that’s just stage fright.

Tina: But then you and the ensemble just stood there and laughed at me!

Michelle: Well… We weren’t necessarily laughing at you, we were laughing at Jamie who slipped on the vomit.

Tina turns around with her arms folded.

Michelle: What… What is it?

Tina: Do you realize that you made me feel terrible, useless, and foolish that day?

Michelle: No…

Tina: Didn’t think so… You know when you embarrassed yourself during soccer I didn’t laugh at you, I stuck up for you.

Michelle: Tina, I’m so sorry, I never knew you felt that way. But on the flip side, your acting was amazing! And your singing was like a single star in the night.

Tina: No it WASN’T!

Michelle: Well even if it wasn’t that was STILL IN THE PAST!


Michelle: Yes I do! You just need to believe in yourself!

Tina: I CAN’T!

Michelle: YES YOU CAN!




Michelle: Yeah, what I don’t understand is that YOU’RE MY SISTER, AND YOU CAN’T EVEN WORK WITH ME!

Michelle Runs offstage crying shown by her weeping, and her hands on her face.

Tina takes a seat.

Tina: Ugh…What have I done… I can’t believe I let my own sister down. *Sigh*

Tina Starts to sing the lyrics from “Til Him” (The Producers).

Tina: No one ever made me feel like someone ‘til her.

Life was really nothing but a glum one ’til her.

Michelle creeps slowly onstage, finds her, and joins in during the song.  

Both: My existence bordered on the traffic,

Always Timid Never took a chance

Then I felt her magic and my heart began to dance!

Tina stops singing and sees Michelle has snuck in and started singing with her. Tina smiles.

Michelle: Tina, You’re… You’re singing? Why?

Tina: I’m singing because I realized someone believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Michelle: Really? Who would that person be?

Tina: The one person I did everything together with. The one friend who helped me in the darkest times. The one sister who I love, you.

The sisters hug

Michelle: Come on Tina. Michelle reaches her hand toward Tina and says: Let’s do this.

Tina Nods and shakes Michelle’s hands.

Michelle: And always remember…

Starts to sing, “Together Wherever We Go” from Gypsy

Michelle: Wherever we go, whatever we do

We’re gonna go through it together

Tina: We may not go far but sure as a star

Wherever we are it’s together

Michelle: Wherever I go I know she goes

Tina: Wherever I go I know she goes

Both: No fits, no fights, no feuds

And no egos amigos together

Through thick and through thin, all out or all in

And whether it’s win, place or show

With you for me and me for you

We’ll muddle through whatever we do

Together wherever we go


(Lights Fade Out)







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