So Far Away – Bridgehampton Middle School (2012)

Madi Koral and Tyler Stephens perform in Madi’s play, “So Far Away.” Photo by Star Black.

So Far Away by Madi Koral

Click here to watch a video of this performance.

Setting: Afternoon, in the spring, on a Saturday. Outside Natalie’s house.

: (Screaming into her open front door outside) NO, I WILL NOT MAKE MY BED, OR FILL THE DISHWASHER, AND I’M DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO TAKE THAT SCRAWNY LITTLE MUTT YOU CALL OUR (making quotations) HOUSE PET; FOR A WALK. CAN’T YOU EVER GIVE ME A BREAK!? (Slams front door, thinking for a second. picks up phone and dials.) *ringing sound*- (Lucy picks up)

Lucy’s Voice: Hello?

Natalie: (sounding annoyed) Hi, Luc, it’s Natalie. Can I please come over and possibly stay the night? My parents are so frikken annoying, and I CANNOT stand to be near them anymore.

Lucy’s Voice: Uhh. Sure? I mean, I didn’t as–

Natalie: (interrupts) Great! Be over in 10. See ya! (*hangs up*)

Small Scene Change:  Natalie walks a bit, then knocks on door to Lucy’s room. Scene changes to Lucy’s bedroom

Natalie: (storming in) Hiya! Thanks for letting me come over, I mean really. My parents are so weird and mean, and seriously, if they ask me to do one more thing for them I swear I will do something to that (making quote marks) “precious little puppy” of theirs that they love more than me.

Lucy: (sounding confused & baffled) Oh,uh, it’s ok! I know how you feel. My dad would always bug me about doing chores and stuff too(Getting sad)

Natalie: (with attitude) Well, you got lucky! I’m still stuck with my stuck up, snooty parents who treat me like a slave.

Lucy: (sad tone) To tell the truth, Nat… I kinda miss it. I miss getting in little pointless arguments about my hair getting all tangled in the vacuum because I forgot to sweep, or about how he said  (doing quote marks) “I was getting depressed” because I never opened my shade. (Small laugh to self) It’s crazy how you can actually miss things like that.

Natalie: (more understanding) Yeah, I guess, but think about how much more freedom you have now, Luc. I mean, you don’t have to be under tons of pressure of doing amazing in school and keeping your room immaculate all the time, because you don’t always have your dad bugging you about it, AND, you could even like have guys over and you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone flippin out, ya know?

Lucy: Well, Natalie, you don’t really know how it feels when you lose someone who was so close to you, well used to be at least. Not bugging you about stupid things or not being so protective over you…like now, I feel kinda lost, inna way, and I feel kinda un-safe.

Natalie: You’re right. I don’t really understand, but it just must be a relief or just like a small weight lifted off your shoulder or something, right? Like even though you didn’t have a close relationship with your dad, he still must’ve been annoying and whatnot and, like, bug you about stupid things…or as I interpreted it.

Lucy: (serious, sad) Well, actually, my dad and I used to be really close and do things together. Like when I was like 5-6, we used to go down to the Warf every Sunday and get ice cream with extra gummies and sprinkles. Oh.. aha (grinning), and every rainy day, we would put on all our rain gear ,go outside and play in the rain for hours, even longer when it would snow…and, if I was EVER sad, he would do anything.. ANYTHING.. to cheer me up, or make me smile. He always thought it was his fault I was sad, but really, it was never, ever him–

Natalie: (kinda happy) I remember when me and my dad used to do things like that.

Lucy: –and as I grew older, we grew further and further apart. (Pauses) It all started when I was just about 10. He had gotten another job, and he was barely ever home, and I thought he just didn’t care about me anymore, like he didn’t wanna spend time with me. I was just soo, confused (pauses) So then, I started to get kind of upset, just think of it.  Thinking that someone who was soo close to you for so many years didn’t like care for you anymore, just like, gave up on your relationship. Luc, it’s a terrible feeling, terrible.

Natalie: (shaking head, understanding look) Yea, that must’ve been.

Lucy: So then, I just, like, started to give up. Started to lose hope that me and my dad wouldn’t have the same, good old, father-daughter relationship that we used to have.  As days passed, I would start talking to him less and less, and sometimes he would try to start conversations, but it was just like, awkward. Like, he was talking all too fast, always rushing his words, because it seemed like he was just always in a rush, always needing to hurry away.

Natalie: Wow that must’ve been annoying. Lucy: Annoying? It was a way different feeling than just being annoyed. It was frustrating, and sad. Like I just wanted to scream and yell and say all that was bottled up in my head. Or just like, glue his feet to the floor. SOMETHING, just something that would keep him still and calm, just for a bit, even though I didn’t want to talk to him, or tell him anything, I just wanted to look at him and see the dad that he really is, that I missed, it would’ve just made me happy. Well, at least, I think it would’ve.

Natalie: (understanding, thinking look)

Lucy: You know, maybe it was just meant to be that way ,though, maybe his life was planned just like that, maybe he knew he was going to die… and tried to do everything in a hurry and get bunches done..

Natalie: Well, if he really knew he was going to pass, then why didn’t he ever have the chance to spend time with you, or even try to at least.

Lucy: EXACTLY! Exactly. That’s what I’m wondering too. I wouldn’t even be able to understand what he thought about our relationship for a few years now.. I mean, for all I know I could be the first thing on his mind when he woke up in the morning, but I bet that never happened and if so, he never really showed it. (Shrugging shoulders)

Natalie: Even though you couldn’t read his mind, you could’ve thought, and you can still try to think that you WERE the first person on his mind every day, and you can just think that you WERE oh so important to him and he did care about you just as much as he used to… even though some of the connection was lost. I mean, Luc, I know you could still think that way, and you know that your thoughts can change so much..

Lucy: (Shaking head) Yeeaah. Natalie: I mean, look at me. I think that just since we moved here, and my parents changed their attitude for like, what (Pauses to think) a week? Well anyways, I think, I just like, thought they were gonna act like that permanently, so, I kinda, changed too. (Looking into ceiling, realizing)

Lucy:  Yeah, I guess you’re right, but…that’s not the whole point.

Natalie:  Whole point? Aha… What do you mean?

Lucy: The point, Natalie! THEEEE WHOLE POINT! There’s a point to every conversation, and the whole point is not, to just realize that you and your parents have changed since the move.. It’s something more, more,(pauses) more important!! (Loud)

Natalie:  I don’t get it.. Are you trying to tell me something here? Like what.. you don’t wanna be my friend anymore? Or that…like, I have been a real brat lately, because I don’t bl—

Lucy:  nononoo! Definitely not! (Putting hand on shoulder)

Natalie: Then what is it, Lucy? Tell me!! (Getting anxious)

Lucy: Well, Natalie, I know you may not understand this now, but you are lucky and fortunate to have two parents that are still together and still care about you!  They might be a pain now, but all they want is the best for you. They do love you, Natalie, and they will always be there for you—

Natalie: (Shaking head) Yeah, but..

Lucy: (Kinda mad) No buts, Natalie! You should really just try to appreciate everything they do for you, while you still have them. I mean, where would you be without them?

Natalie: (Realizing look)

Lucy: The point is Natalie, you have two loving parents that care about you more than you think, and unfortunately, I lost one of mine before I realized how important he really was.

Natalie: (Shaking Head, Understanding) Yeah, I get you..(Standing up) I think I’m gonna head home, love you Luc, talk to you later! (Quick hug, small happy smile, walks away in a hurry)

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