Lizzie’s Truth (2019)

Cassandra Espinoza Heimann (Avery) & Mary Gennari in Angela Rice’s play Lizzie’s Truth

Lizzie’s Truth

By Angelina Rice

Shelter Island School

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On FaceTime

Lizzie: Hey.

Avery: Hi! What’s up sis?

Lizzie: Not much, I’m just trying to figure out this math. How is a human supposed to know what f(x) times -7 squared?

Avery: No. Clue. I’m just not gonna do it. It’s fine.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Avery: Hey so, you’ve kind of been acting weird and distant lately. Are you okay?

Lizzie: Yeah, it’s just… you know school and stuff… I guess. But no I’m good.

Avery: Are you sure?

Lizzie: nods looks away from screen

Avery: Okay, well you know I’m always here for you, right?

Lizzie: Of course I do but trust me… I’m good!

Avery: Okay as long as you’re telling the truth.

Lizzie: smiles

Avery:looks around awkwardly

Lizzie: Actually-

Avery: Yeah what’s up?

Lizzie: I have to talk to you, but I have to see you in person to tell you. It’s kind of serious.

Avery: Okay, no problem we’ll talk tomorrow.

Lizzie: Okay, cool. See you tomorrow.

Avery: K bye! hangs up

At the school courtyard

Lizzie: Hey Av, so what I need to talk to you about is really important to me.

Avery: Of course. What’s up?

Lizzie starts tearing up and her voice is shaky

Lizzie: I don’t know how to tell you this… I-I’m…

Avery: You’re what? You can trust me I promise.

Lizzie: I’m gay.

Avery: Oh. Um. Lizzie I don’t know. I don’t know what to say.

Lizzie: I’m still the same exact person I was 5 minutes ago. Literally nothing changed.

Avery: No, I know but it’s just big news. I don’t know I’ve never had to deal with something like this.

Lizzie: I know… I’m sorry I just couldn’t not tell you anymore. It’s unhealthy for my brain to keep this huge thing about me inside Avery.

Avery: It’s just kind of unfair for me that you just put me in this really uncomfortable situation.

Lizzie: I’m sorry I just really wanted your support for who I am.

Avery: I just need some time.
Avery walks away from Lizzie. Lizzie begins to bawl

At Avery’s house. Avery on the phone with her friend.

Avery: You’ll never guess what Lizzie just told me. She is gay and has a crush on me. WHAT THE HECK!?

Avery: Yeah, I know it’s disgusting. How do you think I feel? It’s so weird.

Avery: She’s been acting so weird and now I know it’s because she has a crush on me.

Avery: Okay, see you tomorrow. Yeah, of course I’m ignoring her. Ok bye.

At Lizzie’s house

Lizzie: Why did I do that? I can’t breathe. I’m shaking and I feel like I’m gonna pass out. I haven’t stopped crying since I saw Avery. I thought she would support me.

Lizzie lays in her bed crying.

Lizzie gets a text from Avery.

Avery: Hey. Don’t talk to me tomorrow. Okay?

Lizzie: Why? What did I do.

Avery: You put me in the most awkward position ever,Lizzie. I don’t know how to be friends with you anymore. You’ve been acting weird and I always want you to be comfortable but now it’s just even more weird.
Lizzie: Okay… please tell me you didn’t say anything to anyone. I’m not ready to tell everyone yet.

Avery: Oops, sorry Liz. Too late girly.

Lizzie turns off her phone and begins to cry even harder.

Lizzie: Why would she do that? Who did she tell? What did they say? Was it our friend group? What are they gonna do tomorrow at school? l can’t believe she actually outed me to people.

Lizzie: I’m so dizzy.

Lizzie passes out and wakes up the next morning.
Lizzie checks her phone.
Texts and Snapchats flood in from her whole school asking her questions and rude comments from people.

screen recording
Texts on her phone: Are you really gay? Like have you ever even kissed a girl before? You definitely have a crush on Alyssa dude, she’s hot!

(In Lizzie’s head) voice over

Lizzie: How could thing have gotten this extreme so fast? I can’t go to school today.

At school everyone notices Lizzie is not there

Avery: Wow… what a coward. She can’t even bother to show her face here anymore. I mean, I’m not complaining but you know. Still stupid.

Avery texting Lizzie

Avery: Really? You didn’t even show up?

Lizzie: Why are you texting me after you literally told me to not talk to you. Can you just make up your mind?

Avery: Oh, so now you’re acting big when we’re not face to face? Okay Lizzie, if you’re really so tough then meet me at the cafe after school.

Lizzie: Fine, I’m so over you being so disgustingly rude and cruel anyways.

At the cafe

Avery: Wow you actually showed up? I would think you’d be busy stalking my Instagram or something.

Lizzie: Mhmm. Very funny, Avery. Okay now for real. Why’d you wanna see me?

Avery: Just to see the look on your face when I told you that the whole entire school knows about your repulsive secret. And I also may have mentioned that you have a massive crush on me.

Lizzie: Okay first of all, I don’t care if everyone knows because the last 2 days I’ve realized that I don’t care if people know because it’s who I am. Second, after how you’ve been these past couple of days, I’ve seen who you really are as a person and you’re the last person that I would want any sort of connection with. So go live your life as being a bitch to everyone and being obsessed with yourself.

Avery: Uh- I-

Lizzie: Okay? Have a sucky life! Bye.

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