Little Marjorie Ain’t So Sweet, Huh? – FLAGS (2011)

Priscilla Nyarko and Quevaughn Caruth perform in Melany Mercedes’ play, “Little Marjorie Ain’t So Sweet, Huh?” (Photo by Star Black)

Little Marjorie Ain’t So Sweet, Huh? By Melany Mercedes
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(Stage is split in half. One side Marjorie. Another side Nick.)

Marjorie is not very attractive nor she tries to fix herself either, she doesn’t care. She feels that one day something good will happen to her… But until now she’s just a regular nerd.

 Nick is cool and popular, never does work in school he just goes because he has to. Raised without a mother, competitive and a big player.

Marjorie: So… I am NOT the prettiest girl in the school… *sighs* we all know that…

Nick: Okay, in all honesty she was ugly!!! If you look up the definition of ugly in the dictionary HER face would come out in a picture! Ugh!

Marjorie: I am a very bright student I won’t lie, but… that just pushes people away from me… But if no one talks to me then school work is the only thing I have left to do…

Nick: I could get any girl in the school. I mean come on It’s Nick! (Fixes himself cockily) but hey! Me and my boys are always looking to having a good laugh. Ha-ha!

Marjorie: School is really basic. Every person hangs out with their clique…. And then, there’s me! A loner.  I moved from Ohio a long time ago when my dad passed away because — of some weird sickness… then something else happened which distanced my mom and I a lot… so we decided to start over and forget everything… sorry I just went totally off track.. Anyways… in school each group has their interest… drama club, karate club, cheerleaders, singers, and (not enthusiastic at all)… the “cool kids”.

Nick: Me and my boys are basically the most popular kids in school, we’re pretty awesome dudes I won’t lie. We get any bitch – oh, excuse my language *laughs* we can get any (sarcastically) “lady” we feel like having. But then something EPIC happened! *laughs hard*

Marjorie: I felt the stares… the jocks were looking at me… I was so lost… they probably wanted the HW for next period… yup! that was probably it!

Nick: Okay! It was a bet! I really didn’t want to… I mean EW! Just look at her! But my friends convinced me, they insisted. They said I wouldn’t dare (laughs) HELL TO THE NO I wouldn’t! Wait! (Serious) Can I put a bag over her face? (Laughs)

Marjorie: The last thing in my mind would be for HIM to say hi… he was so sweet and kind… (Dazes) ahh, I think I fell in love (giggles)

Nick: so I went up to her … and I don’t know (confused) said hi…? Oh man! This was going to be the easiest bet ever!

Marjorie: we exchanged words, (excited) I was so shocked! I think it even got flirty!

Nick: So I said hi… she stuttered like twenty fucking times bro! So I just asked her for her cell you know my bet begins…

Marjorie: (disappointed) He asks me for my cell and I don’t even own a cellphone!

Nick: The bitch didn’t even own a cellphone!! (Cracks up) oh man… (Shakes his head)

Marjorie:  So I gave him my profile page so he can add me! (Smiles)

Nick: Well at leastttt she gave me her profile page (laughs) otherwise I wouldn’t even know the girls name… (Laughs)  Oh little Marjorie.

Marjorie:  He didn’t complain… I was so ecstatic (smiles)

Nick: Ehh, and so it begins… (Giggles) nah I really didn’t care to be honest.

Marjorie: So anyways, as days went on we talked more and more (Crosses her legs Indian style on her bed) and though he is not the brightest crayon in the box, he made me feel … well, pretty… (Looks down, play with her sleeve)

Nick: So anyways, we talked on Facebook… she was so fucking boring! I would have rather read a textbook! She went on and on about how I should focus more in school… like bitch stop preaching!

Marjorie: I tried to help him out… make him focus more on what’s actually important (lowering her voice) but I should’ve known better…. But… I didn’t… (Looks down sadly)

Nick: There was a moment where I spazzed out! And thought I thought little Marjorie would back off, ugh! she didn’t!!

Marjorie: I started to really like him. Why you may ask? I didn’t even know! I just felt … wanted… made me feel, I don’t know (shyly) … special…

Nick: She apologized non- stop because she felt like she was “telling me what to do” I mean come on it’s not like I’m going to listen to you! Ha-ha! (Plays with handball)

Marjorie: He told me to not stress it so we just forgot the situation (smiles). In just 3 days of school we shared smiles and send notes. (surprised)

Nick: She would send me the kinkiest notes in class! My bet was taking longer than I freaking thought! My boys said I wasn’t going to be able to do my bet. Their exact words – “Ayo son, I bet you won’t smash that nerd girl with the bun.” – tsss (fixes his shirt)

Marjorie: I noticed I started to change… (Starts taking off her bun while talking) my clothes, my hair, I started using contacts (takes off her glasses) instead of my glasses (fakes putting on contacts, looks at the audience) I even felt different.

Nick: She started to get pretty. Ha-ha! I knew that in less than two weeks (Shuffles hands) I would complete my bet.

Marjorie: (Stands up) then that day came, (starts pacing back and forth slowly) I remember it like it was yesterday…

Nick: Then I was pretty sure my bet was about to be accomplished … piece of ugly freaking cake!

 (Nick and Marjorie look almost hypnotized now then they turn their backs to each other.. then suddenly turn to each other in center stage and replay the flashback. Standing up half hugging. Lights dim red)

Marjorie: Oh, nick (scared) no… I’m really scared…

Nick: Come on, (busy trying to get her closer to him) please…

Marjorie: No, I can’t I’m really scared …

Nick: Come on sweetie, it won’t hurt (kisses her neck)

Marjorie: Promise?

Nick: Yes little Marjorie (annoyed but doesn’t wanna show it) I can assure you (feels on her thigh)

(Lights dim back to normal, Nick is now back to his side of the stage and so is Marjorie.)

Marjorie: it was such a special moment (excited) I never felt more alive!

Nick: Okay this was my plan… Get the damn bet done, and then get my money. HA! She says she likes when I call her little Marjorie (laughs) Nasty Freak!

Marjorie: Yup… I had fallen in love… (smiles)

Nick: Yup…. (Stands up and Screams to the audience and stretches his arms) I WAS FREE!!!

Marjorie:  But suddenly… something changed… not something… (Deep and dark) everything! (Almost crying) I went… to school and (sniffs) everyone… everyone seemed to have found out…

Nick: So whatever the bet was done and I had to prove it so I kinda —-

Marjorie: (Furious and hopeless) He fucking recorded it! (Breathes heavy)

Nick: (confused and somewhat shameful) Recorded it… (Scratches his head) I mean it’s not like I wanted to describe it to them, (as if he had no choice) I felt like she was raping me! (Laughs) (Careless) so I recorded it! (Shrugs his shoulders) Fuck it!

(At this point Marjorie turns almost Psycho. Her voice changes and her eyes widen, she paces rapidly and looks around)

Marjorie: He lied! (Nervous and messes her hair up) He destroyed me… He made little Marjorie disappear in the midst of darkness… he fooled me (almost crying) He played with my emotions like I was some rag doll! I hate him! (Falling to the floor, destroyed) I hate him! (Cries)

Nick: 298…299….300 bucks!!! And my boys said I wouldn’t get her to do it… HA! That’s what they thought! Like I said come on its Nick! (Laughs)

(Marjorie looks in her bag and pulls out the container with pills inside)

Marjorie: (Now sad and low) Now that I realize it… he didn’t even bother to know much about me… he didn’t (voice of realization) care at all about me …

Nick: Oh my god! (while sitting down he moves closer very interested to say this) So I saw her in school yesterday and she tried coming up to me! (Hysterically laughing)  Little creature! I mean she didn’t do that bad though, she learned some new things. If you know what I mean! (Giggles and shrugs)

Marjorie: I tried asking him and talking to him but apparently he wanted nothing to do with me… screw him!! (She starts opening the container) screw everything!

(As she viciously opens the container she sits on her bed facing the audience)

Marjorie: Oh, and can you let him know that Little Marjorie was born with HIV.  (Finishes swallowing the massive amount pills.)

(Lights fade)

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