High School Revolution – Southampton High School (2014)


Elisia Ivey and Corin Vazquez in Daisy Campohermoso’s play “High School Revolution.” Photo by Star Black.

High School Revolution by Daisy Campohermoso

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Scene 1

Laura: (Walks in, bell rings, bumps into girl) Hey, can you tell me where the main office is?

Alex: What’s your problem? Don’t bump into people like that and expect them to help you.

Laura: I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be later for… (gets interrupted)

Alex: Late for class? Well now I’m late, thank to you. And the main office is down the hall to your left. It’s not that hard, I’m sure you’ll find it…freakshow.

Laura: Sorry.

Scene 2

Laura walks out of the office, Alex storms out crying.

Alex: What are you staring at? Don’t you know it’s rude to stare? What’s your problem? Do you have something against me?

Laura: No, I’m sorry. Are you okay?

Alex: Stop apologizing. (Wipes tears) I’m okay. Alright?

Laura: Are you sure? If you nee- (interrupted)

Alex: I don’t need anything, especially from you.

Laura: Can I ask you something?

Alex: What is it??!!

Laura: What have I done to you for you to dislike me this much? What did I do wrong?

Alex: (Steps back) Please, you think you’re so cool with your English accent, “Oh look at me. I just moved here from the fabulous London, look at the way I dress.” Why do you dress that way? God awful taste in clothing. It’s so weird. Everything about you is weird.

Laura: I don’t think – (gets interrupted)

Alex: Obviously…why don’t you just go back to London?

Laura: Like I would want to move here, Texas, where everything is bigger… (under breath) I see, even the people.

Alex: Excuse me?!

Teacher: Ladies in the room now!

(Both girls enter room, they sit down)

Teacher: Since both of you decided to show up late, I’m sure you would love to be partnered up with each other.

Alex: No! No way I’m working with her. Isn’t there anyone else?

Teacher: Well, if you girls weren’t tardy to my classroom maybe you would had been able to choose partners.

Laura: Great. Now I’m stuck with you.

Alex: Like I’m ecstatic to be working with you, princess.

Laura: Well I’m not a princess.

Alex: Why do you feel that way, princess?

Laura: Would you stop with the princess stuff, princess?

Alex: Alex is the name, get it right.

Laura: Well all right Alexander.

Teacher: Ladies!

Alex and Laura: Sorry.

Teacher: Your assignment is based on the American Revolution. You need to work together after school to write a paper and create a presentation.

Alex: Ew – I don’t wanna go to her house!

Laura: Her has a name and it’s Laura.

Alex: Like I care.

Teacher: Ladies!

Alex and Laura: Sorry.

Alex: Be at my house at 4, don’t be late.

Scene 3

(Knocks on door)

Alex: Come in!


Alex: I said come in!

Laura: Sorry I didn’t hear you.

Alex: I told you to stop with the apologizing.

Laura: Sorry.

Alex: Quit it!


Alex: So for this assignment I was thinking… (gets interrupted)

Laura: For once.

Alex: (rolls eyes) Well, as I was saying, maybe you can write it and I’ll present it.

Laura: Wouldn’t that leave me with all the work?

Alex: Exactly. (smiles)

Laura: To be honest I don’t know much about the American Revolution.

Alex: That’s a surprise.

Laura: Why are you so snotty? You’re bloody rude. You don’t have to be so rude and nasty all the time. You have it good. You have a football playing boyfriend, you’re not ugly, you’re a tad bit smart and you’re the head cheerleader.

Alex: You don’t understand, you really don’t.

Laura: But if you were to tell me.

Alex: (immediately) No! No one will ever understand. (Starts tearing up) Have you not noticed? My house is empty. It’s always like that.

Laura: I’m so sorry, how did they -? (Interrupted)

Alex: No stupid they aren’t dead!

Laura: You don’t have to call me names! I’m only trying to help!

Alex: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you stupid. It’s just…I’m always alone…you wouldn’t get it…

Laura: No, I do. Trust me.

Alex: You think you do but you really, really don’t.

Laura: Well if you want to talk about it.

Alex: Let’s just work on the assignment

Laura: Okay so let’s get started

(They stare at each other)

Laura: I don’t know anything (giggles)

Alex: Me neither.

Laura: So can we just…

Alex: Bullshit this? I mean it’s not gonna hurt my grade so we can at least aim at 70.

Laura: Let’s hit the 80s. I want to start off a bit good.

Alex: Okay, so you read your text and notes. And I’ll type it?

Laura: Okay let’s do it!

(Time passes)

Alex and Laura: Finally finished!

Alex: I added a Powerpoint presentation to add a little pizzazz.

Laura: Brilliant! Now I’m sure we’ll at least get an 85. Hey, if you don’t mind me asking why are your parents never around?

Alex: Well, ever since Daddy lost his job he’s been really depressed and he had to go somewhere, but I know that somewhere is an asylum. And well my mother, she just gave up on the family because my father went away. So now all she does is go out with her friends and when she’s back she’s pretty drunk. I’ve held her hair back a couple of times, it’s horrible. So now I’m just alone most of the time. All we’re living off is what’s left in daddy’s bank account. I have a job but not enough to get my mother help. It’s just been so hard on me. I don’t have a family anymore…

Laura: Wow, I’m honestly shocked. But I’m sure you’ll find a way to get your family back on its feet. Hey how about this, my mum works at a rehab center now, you see my father he had the same problem. Ever since he got a promotion and we moved out here all he seems to do is drink. That’s how he relieves stress. He hates it here. I’ve hated it here, but it’s getting better. (smiles)

Alex: You’re so nice to me after I’ve been so mean to you. I hope you can forgive me.

Laura: It’s easy to understand why you would act like this. I forgive you princess.

Scene 4

Laura and Alex: And that is our presentation on the American Revolution.

Teacher: Good job ladies. B- is your final grade.

Laura: Your powerpoint was awesome.

Alex: Your writing skills are terrific.

Laura: Hey, do you want to go get some pizza later?

Alex: Really? With you? I’ll pass.

Laura: Ph.

Alex: I’m kidding, loser, it’s a date.


The cast and playwright of “High School Revolution.” From L to R: Elisia Ivey, Daisy Campohermoso and Corin Vazquez. Photo by Star Black.

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