Final Frontier (2017)


Zebulun Mundy and James
Lupo in the play “Final Frontier”


Final Frontier

by Nicholas Mamisashvili

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(Characters awake lying on the floor, the darkness lights up as the get up.)

Lenny: Captain, where are we?!

Captain: It seems we have crash-landed on a planet, that we have yet to figure out the name of.

Lenny: And what about the crew?

Captain: The most plausible answer is that they evacuated in the face of danger, no longer to be found.

Lenny: That’s horrible!

Captain: Indeed, though we mustn’t worry about the others. It is ourselves we should worry about.

Lenny: I guess you’re right. Being lost out at space without any form of communication to Earth isn’t the best position to be in.

Captain: Yes, definitely. But there are some remnants of our ship scattered around. If we search around we might be able to find something helpful.

Lenny: Okay, sounds good.

(Some searching later.)

Lenny: OOOO, I found something!

Captain: What is it?

(Lenny rushes over.)

Captain: So, what is it?!

Lenny: It’s a pencil that I have. I can’t believe it survived!

Captain: Are you serious?!

Lenny: Yeah!

Captain: No! I didn’t mean it that way–I was asking why you were wasting out time.

Lenny: Oh, but I wasn’t wasting anytime.

Captain: … It’s a pencil.

Lenny: Yeah, so?

Captain: Forget it.

(Some searching later.)

Captain: Aha! I found something! Quick, come over here!

Lenny: Is it another pencil?!

Captain: No… it’s some more oxygen, and food.

Lenny: Astronaut ice-cream?

Captain: No, regular astronaut food.

Lenny: Okay.

Captain: We have to make it last for as long as possible.

Lenny: That’s a good idea. But did you find anything that could help us get outta here?

Captain: No, not yet.

Lenny: So, let’s keep searching!

(More searching.)

Captain: I found a communication device!

(Rushing over.)

Lenny: Really?! Where is it?!

Captain: Here. It’s busted.

Lenny: Can you fix it?

Captain: Maybe, but I’m gonna need your help.

Lenny: Like what?

Captain: First, we have to figure out what happened to it.

Lenny: Okay. How do we do that?

Captain: Slow down. It’ll take time.

Lenny: Okay, okay.

(Scene ends.)

(Lights dim to black.)


Next Scene

Lenny: Two days and almost no progress?!

Captain: It’s difficult to fix! At least we’ve set up a shelter that could last us a week or two.

Lenny: This is never going to work. Are we just going to be here forever?

Captain: I’m not sure.

Lenny: Are we able to fix this ship?

Captain: That’s the least plausible thing we can do. It’ll take advanced equipment and a lot of time. Our best bet is to fix this communication device and hope there is a ship near us.

Lenny: How close is the communication device to being finished?

Captain: Ideally, we would have been done by tomorrow or so, but since I don’t have the right equipment, it’s very difficult to align the boards.

Lenny: Can we still do it?

Captain: Maybe. But for now, let’s get some rest.

(Scene ends.)

(Cut to black.)


Next Scene

(Opens with both characters sleeping.)

(Lenny gets up groggily.)

Lenny: How are we gonna get out of this mess? This whole time I haven’t done anything to help. What can I do to help?

(Lenny looks down to his pencil.)

Lenny: At least I have my lucky pencil!

(Lenny grabs the COM device and stares intensely at it.)

Lenny: How can we fix this thing without our Super Compact Resistant Electric Wire Driver?

(Lenny pauses and looks at audience, breaking the fourth wall.)

Lenny: S. C. R. E. W. Driver for short!

(Lenny goes back to sleep.)

(Lights dim.)


Next Day

(Both characters wake up.)

Lenny: Any progress?

Captain: Unfortunately, we are in the same spot we were in yesterday.

Lenny: Do you need a pencil?

Captain: No! I don’t need a pencil! Now can you stop worrying about you pencil and do something productive?!

Lenny: Okay, okay.

Captain: I’m going to go explore the planet, see if there’s anything we can use to our advantage.

Lenny: Okay, go ahead.

(Captain leaves.)

(Lenny picks up a sharp rock.)

Lenny: This is one sharp-looking rock.

(Looks down at pencil.)

Lenny: I can carve my pencil!

(Stares at rock, then pencil, then rock.)

Lenny: But what?

(Stares at pencil, then slowly looks over at COM device.)

Lenny: Hmmmmmmm…

(Lights dim.)

(Lights back up with Lenny holding S. C. R. E. W. Driver)

Lenny: I think this’ll work. Let me call the Captain.

(Lenny gets up and walks offstage, calling for Captain, with both returning to the stage.)

Lenny: Captain, the pencil!

Captain: Not about the pencil again! I told you to help!

Lenny: But the pencil will–

Captain: I said stop worrying about your pencil!

Lenny: But look–

(Lenny picks up COM device.)

Lenny: I carved a S. C. R. E. W. Driver out of the pencil! Do you think it’ll work!

Captain: There’s only one way to find out!

(Captain uses the S. C. R. E. W. Driver to put the COM device into place, then hands it over to Lenny.)

Captain: Try it out!

(Lenny tries to turn it on, a couple seconds go by and it turns on.)

Lenny: We did it!

Captain: We sure did, and it’s all thanks to you.

(Voice comes from COM device.)

Voice: What is it you need Captain of Ship 238?

Captain: Our ship crashed on an unknown planet, and we have no way of escape. Is there any way you can help us?

Voice: Hmmm… it seems there are a couple of ships near your area. I will contact them and send them over. You’ll be on a ship by the end of the day.

Lenny: THANK YOU!!!

Voice: Uhhh, no problem.

(Scene cuts to black.) 


Next Scene

(Characters are back on Earth.)

Lenny: Thank you for everything, Captain.

Captain: Thank you, as well. If it wasn’t for you and your pencil, we might not have made it back.

Lenny: Yeah, you’re right. But there one thing that still bothers me.

Captain: What’s that?

Lenny: How did my pencil survive the crash?

Captain: Oh brother.




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