Dominic Davis (2019)

Luca Martinez (Dominic) & Myla Dougherty (Laura) in Alexandra Burns’ play Dominic Davis

Dominic Davis

By Alexandra Burns

Shelter Island School

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Dominique hears two knocks on her door. She puts the pills that are in her
hand underneath her messy blankets on top of her bed. She wipes the
tears from her face as quickly as she can.

Dominique: Come in!

Laura: Dinner is ready.

Dominique: Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.

As Laura is walking out the door,Dominique gets up and the pills drop to
the floor. Laura turns around and sees the pills everywhere. Dominique’s
face turns red as tears stream down Dominique’s face.

Laura: (In a calm voice) What’s going on?

Dominique: Nothing, I’ll be downstairs to eat in a minute.

Laura: (in a serious tone) No, it’s definitely something. Do you wanna talk
about it?

Laura looks around Dominique’s room and sees a pill bottle, she realizes it
is for sleeping pills. The bottle is empty.

Laura: (alarmed) Were you going to try to k-

Dominique: (sad tone)Yeah

Laura: (she says surprisingly sad)Again. Is it the girls bothering you again?
Or is it just more than that?

They both sit in silence for a good 10 seconds.

Dominique: (her voice cracks, she is on the verge of tears) Yeah….

Laura: Hey, it’s okay. I know they can be mean, but you’re stronger than

Dominique: No, I’m not. I’m obviously not if I tried to do this again. I just
can’t take it anymore.

Laura: If I tell you something about me that you don’t know yet, can you tell me something about your feelings?

Dominique: Okay, fine..

Laura: When I was a sophomore, I was called fat and looked at as weird
because I didn’t play sports, or go to the basketball games, or even wear
super girly clothes. I know what it feels like to not be wanted.

Dominique: I’m so so sorry to hear that.. I didn’t know you had problemI
like I did and I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you. I honestly felt like I was
different from the whole family feeling like no one will understand when all along you did. And thank so much for sharing that with me cause it can be pretty hard to talk about.

Laura: Yeah, it’s alright. At least you now know that there are other people
like you just some don’t show it. And anyway’s I’ve gotten through it and it
doesn’t bother me as much anymore since it doesn’t happen but
sometimes the hateful comments still occur in my head.

Dominique: I’m sorry you have to deal with this, with me. I know you are not here for much longer, because you’re going to college soon.

Laura: I’d rather be here, helping you feel better.

Dominique: It’s okay, you don’t have to say that to make me feel better
about myself, cause the sad truth is, I won’t.

Laura: Well, I shared with you, now why don’t you tell me more about how
you are feeling?

Dominique: Well, next Wednesday, a week from now, will be the
anniversary of mom’s passing. I just miss her and wish she was here to
help me out, especially I don’t have your help all the time, since you are
away at college.

Laura: Well, do you think speaking to a therapist could help?

Dominique: No, no. I think talking to a therapist would make me more
depressed. It’s just not my thing, I guess. It makes me feel like I’m being

Laura: Okay. Well, do you feel better talking about it than not talking about

Dominique: Yeah, I guess.

Laura: Wanna go get some Mickey D’s instead of dad’s burnt steak? We can talk this out some more. I am here for you.

Dominique: Ok. Yeah. Let’s go.

Dominique walks back into her room switching on her light and picks up all the pills in her hand, sits down on her bed, and takes all of them.

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