Chicken Little Sets an Eggsample 2015


Lauren McKenna and Sage Papile in Madison DeCesare’s play, “Chicken Little Sets an Eggsample.” Photo by Tom Kochie.

Chicken Little Sets an Eggsample by Madison DeCesare

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(The scene begins on a porch on a peaceful spring night. The neighborhood was sound asleep and there wasn’t a single peep of sound. The sky was dark blue and there were hundreds of starts in sight.) The audience hears a door open and close, and we see Chicken Little, the main character. Chicken Little is a very timid little teenager… most of the time. He always looked for the safe way out. He never was one to live dangerously. Yet, when something came to mind, he’s always determined to accomplish his goal. Chicken Little sat on the porch steps and began to let his mind run amuck of his thoughts and ideas. He then was in deep thought. The audience hears Chicken Little’s foot thumping on the porch step.)

Chicken Little: I can’t believe it! All of the people in Oaky Oaks think I’m a worthless nobody, including my dad! They misjudge me for what I am and what I look like. A little chicken. But I am determined to change what they think of me. I am going to stop England and the 13 colonies from fighting! That will show Oaky Oaks that I am more than just a helpless little chicken! Or better yet, the whole world! I’ll become the hero of the world. My name is Chicken Little. TODAY IS A NEW DAY, Chicken Little screams!

(audience hears tires screeching and car crash and a car alarm going off)

Chicken Little: Oops.

(Chicken Little then fiercely runs into the house and bumps into his mom, Chloe Cluck, the secondary character).

Chloe Cluck: Whoa, take it easy. I’m not a punching bag.

Chicken Little: Oh, sorry mom didn’t see you there.

Chloe Cluck: Is there a reason why you’re running in the house?

Chicken Little: No reason. I’m just running for the sake of running.

Chloe Cluck: Are you sure? You seem kind of nervous.

Chicken Little: Yeah I’m fine. Nothing to worry about.

Chloe Cluck: Ok… glad we had this talk. I’m going to be over here if you need me-

Chicken Little: Wait, I have something to tell you!

Chloe Cluck: Sure, what is it? You can tell me anything.

Chicken Little: Well, I was on the porch thinking to myself on how to get everyone in Oaky Oaks to appreciate me and accept me for who I am and I had a really great idea!

Chloe Cluck: Oh boy, that’s never a good sign.

Chicken Little: No, no, no it’s good this time I promise! Ok?

(Audience hears Chicken Little clear his throat)

Chicken Little: I am… going to stop England and the 13 colonies from fighting! It’ll be great! I can negotiate with England on why they should let us be free without having to go to war and putting lives at stake! I’ll be the hero of the new world! Well, except for England of course. But who cares about them! We will finally be free to do as we please without England breathing over our necks. It’s the perfect plan! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect plan, mom?

Chloe Cluck: Honey, stopping England and the 13 colonies from fighting is way too dangerous for a little chicken like yourself. I mean come on, if the 13 colonies couldn’t reason with them, what are the chances of you being able to do it? It’s better if you lay low so you won’t embarrass yourself and other people, including me. Do you get what I’m saying?

Chicken Little: Yeah, I get it. But-

Chloe Cluck: No buts mister. It’s way too dangerous. You’re just a little chicken from Oaky Oaks. What can you do to help America?

Chicken Little: Oh I get it. You don’t believe in me. You’re just like everybody else. I shouldn’t have told you. You wouldn’t believe in me anyway!

(Audience hears Chicken Little Sniffle and run up the stairs).

(The second scene begins in chicken little’s bedroom on a beautiful spring morning. Chloe Cluck is not awake, but Chicken Little is secretly packing and getting ready to leave for England. Chicken Little tip-toes downstairs and heads to the door.)

Chloe Cluck: Where do you think you’re going, mister?

Chicken Little: (startlingly jumps) Gahh! Oh hey mom! I’m just uh…going out for a walk with our pet! Yeah, you know pets! They sometimes need to get fresh air and do their business! You know what I’m saying, right? (worry tone) Please say you know what I’m saying!

Chloe Cluck: So you’re going to walk a fish?

Chicken Little: What?

Chloe Cluck: We have a fish. Not a dog. Chicken Little…

Chicken Little: (laughs nervously) Oh fine you caught me! I’m going to England to negotiate with the king! But I can be very persuasive. Come on mom, all I need is a chance!

(There is a long silence between Chicken Little and his mom. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop)

Chloe Cluck: (sighs) Chicken Little you are not going to England.

(Chicken Little drops his head and sighs)

Chloe Cluck: Without me.

(Chicken Little then raises his head)

Chloe Cluck: I’m not going to let you cross over the ocean by yourself! If you’re going, I’m going.

Chicken Little: Really mom? That’s great! But wait, how are we going to get to the boat in time? You need to pack all of your stuff and the necessities. We’ll never make it!

Chloe Cluck: Don’t worry! You don’t have to worry about me. I already got it covered.

Chicken Little: Huh?

(Chloe Cluck pulls out from behind the wall to show her leather bag holding everything she needs)

Chicken Little: (gasps) You’re already packed? But – how? How did you know you were coming with me?

Chloe Cluck: Well, I knew you were going to try to sneak out without permission. So, I put the house on lock down. I locked the front door, the windows, and the little door in the front door for you. Just to be safe. Then, I packed my things when you were asleep and waited for you to come down.

Chicken Little: Wow. Thanks mom!

(Chloe Cluck grabs her suitcase)

Chloe Cluck: Are you coming?

Chicken Little: Today is a new day.

(The 3rd scene begins when Chicken Little and Chloe Cluck are getting off the boat from their long journey from the 13 colonies and start to come to the entrance of the House of Hanover.)

Chicken Little: (says in mind) I can do this. I know I can. I came all this way. I can’t give up now. I need to keep my eye on the prize and keep moving forward no matter what happens in there.

Chloe Cluck: Are you sure you want to do this? We can back down now and go home. You don’t have to do this to prove that you’re not a worthless chicken. You can do something else to make you noticed that’s not this dangerous.

Chicken Little: WHAT? I’m not backing down now! We’re already here and I am not going back to Oaky Oats until I give the King of England a piece of my mind.

Chloe Cluck: Alright if you want to do this so badly, then I’m going to support you and I’ll be right behind your back in case you fall.

Chicken Little: Really? Thanks mom. Things are surely looking up for me. Hopefully the king of England is in a really good mood!

(Audience hears the king of England shout)


(audience hears a window shatter into thousands of pieces and a man being shot out of the window in a cannon, into the ocean)

Chicken Little: Ok… I guess he’s not in a good mood after all. But that’s ok. I can still convince him that America should be free.

Chloe Cluck: I believe in you. But promise me that you won’t be so upset and angry if he is being really obstinate. So don’t get high hopes ok?

Chicken Little: Ok, mom.

Chloe Cluck: But don’t worry. At least you tried and gave it your best shot.

Chicken Little: Yep. At least I gave it my all.

Chloe Cluck: So are you ready to go in? Or are you too “chicken”?

Chicken Little: Really?

Chloe Cluck: Sorry, I needed to get it out of my system. I wish luck.

Chicken Little: I’ll need it.

(Then Chicken Little opens the door to the House of Hanover and gets escorted to the throne room. Mom is at the entrance waiting anxiously for Chicken Little to come back.)

(Scene 4 begins when Chicken Little comes out of the House of Hanover in shock about what happened with the king.)

Chloe Cluck: So, how did it go? Did you teach that king a lesson? Oh wait let me guess, you walked straight up to the king, looked him dead in the eye and gave him a piece of your mind.

(Chicken Little said nothing and walked past mom to sit on the step. Mom suddenly understood and sat down with Chicken Little.)

Chloe Cluck: He didn’t listen to you, huh?

Chicken Little: Laughed right in my face. You were right. I shouldn’t have done this. I guess I can’t do anything right after all.

Chloe Cluck: Hey! You promised me you wouldn’t get upset or angry if this didn’t work out like you hoped.

Chicken Little: I’m not upset or angry. I’m just disappointed in myself.

Chloe Cluck: For what? Trying your best and giving it your best shot? It wasn’t your fault. The king was just being stubborn. I bet he didn’t even bother considering your side of the argument. Did he?

Chicken Little: No, not really.

Chloe Cluck: See? It’s not your fault. But to be honest, I don’t think the king of England is going to change his mind anytime soon. I think we might have to go to war.

Chicken Little: I thought we would be able to solve this issue peacefully and not violently.

Chloe Cluck: Well, sometimes the only way to solve problems is with force.

Chicken Little: I just thought it could solve this big problem I would be accepted and everyone won’t think of me as a helpless little chicken anymore.

Chloe Cluck: Why do you care what other people think? It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. What you think of yourself is what matters. If anyone calls you names of teases you, just tell them “I don’t care what you think of me and I will never again.”

Chicken Little: Wow. Thanks. You know, you’re not a terrible mom. You were just trying to help me make the right decision and not get myself into any trouble. You’re a great mom.

Chloe Cluck: I try.

(Chicken Little hugs Mom and they head back to the boat to sail back to America.)


The cast and writer of “Chicken Little Sets an Eggsample.” Photo by Tom Kochie.

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