Autobiography of a Notebook by Joelie Johnson

Autobiography of a Notebook

by Joelie Johnson, Bridgehampton High School

The first notebook is filled with
colorful sketches of
dresses and princesses and puppies and babies.

The second notebook contains
scribbled-over pictures of cities
progressing to mountains of majestic, cold colors.

Notebook three is a jumble of
children’s faces, fish
and snow hats with mittens.

The fourth notebook is almost completely
red, black, and grey. A colorless void of
music notes, blood tears, and dying hearts.

The fifth book has progressed.
More colors (all neutral) have appeared.
Signs of light begin to show up.
New drawings of new people find themselves trapped to paper.

Book six is most recent.
Yellow is now a dominant color.
Sunlight, stars and other heavenly bodies carress the pages.
Looking up is good for the weary book’s eyes.

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