You Don’t Know (2017)


Montse Udave and Caleigh Hochstellen
in the play “You Don’t Know”


You Don’t Know

by Montse Udave

Camila: An undocumented, 17 year old Mexican girl who is part of the DACA program.

Lily: A 17 year old American girl who doesn’t take advantage of what she can do.

Setting: Lily’s House. The two girls are both in Lily’s bedroom doing homework and talking about their day.

Lily: So how was your day?

Camila: It was boring.

Lily: (Puts down her book and looks at Camila) Why are you being so quiet?

Camila: (Looks up and pauses) Just thinking. 

Lily: Thinking about what?

Camila: A lot of things.

Lily: Like what? Que pasa?

Camila: (She gives Lily a look, then talks to the audience) Oh, yeah by the way, I’m undocumented; but, oh don’t worry. I’m part of DACA! This dumb president needs to stop being so childish. Stop Tweeting. If they take away our DACA program a lot of people will lose their jobs and we’re not gonna be the same. We’re gonna be fearful and scared of the cops again. (Looks at Lily) Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine. Stay out of it. 

Lily: Why…

Camila: Because it’s none of your business. It’s private. It’s family.

Lily: I’m your friend.–

Camila: You’re not my family.

Lily: That’s rude.

Camila: It’s the truth. You’re not part of my family.

Lily: It’s not like you’re illegal or anything–

Camila: Why do you say that —

Lily: Cami. Just… [pause] Is your family illegal?

Camila: No.

Lily: You’re acting like your have something to hide —

Camila: No, I don’t —

Lily: If you were I’d have to tell my dad.

Camila: Little Miss Princess running back to her dad —

Lily: You’re hiding something —

Camila: I’m not.

Lily: He’d have to arrest you.

Camila: Good luck trying to catch us. (Looks at her phone to check the time) Shit. I have to go pick up Sofia.

Lily: Why do you always have to pick her up? You have parents.

Camila:I do have parents, but they’re working, they’re busy working their culos off —

Lily: What does culo mean? (Lily mispronounces culo.)

Camila: It’s none of your business.

Lily: You’re always taking care of her. She’s not your responsibility.

Camila: (Looks at the floor, sad) Guess what? She is. See you in a bit.

Lily: Fine. Go pick her up.

(Camila leaves the room.) 

Lily: (thinking out loud) Why can’t she just talk to me about her problems? It’s not like I’m gonna judge her.

(Camila comes back into Lily’s room.)

Camila: Hey, I’m back.

Lily: Oh, hey. 

Camila: I hope you don’t mind but I served my sister some of your dinner.

Lily: Nah, it’s cool.

(Camila’s Phone rings– it’s her dad.)

(Camila walks out of Lily’s room.)

Camila: Hola. Pa? Si aqui esta conmigo. Estamos en la casa de Lily. ¿Que esta pasando? Todo esto es tu culpa. Yea you’re right you do make all the decisions, but guess what? They’re the wrong ones. No… No, you’re not. … You’re not my father and you never will be.

(Cami comes back into Lily’s room.)

Lily: Who called?

Camila: Just my dad. I, um, have to go.

Lily: Why? Now?

Camila: Yes. Now.

Lily: Can’t you just tell me what’s going on?

Camila: I can’t trust you with this. I have to go —

Lily: I heard you yell at your father. What did he do to you?

Camila: Just stay out of it.

Lily: You can tell me anything —

Camila: You wouldn’t understand what I’m going through.

Lily: That hurts. You can trust me —

Camila: Not with this —

Lily: Trust me —

Camila: It’s not something I can come out with easily —

Lily: I guess I’m not really your friend.

Camila: Just sit down.

Lily: (starts getting mad) Oh my god why can’t you just tell me, Cami?

Camila: It’s not that easy, Lily.

Lily: Fine. Have it your way. I thought you could actually trust me but obviously not. I guess I don’t know you like I thought I did.

Camila: Fine, I’ll explain. Just sit down.

(Lily sits on her bed and Camila sits down as well.)

Camila: My mom’s not coming back for a while.

Lily: Like a vacation back to Mexico?

Camila: Not exactly.

Lily: (pressing) What exactly?

Camila: Just forget it.

Lily: I’m confused.

Camila: (snapping back at her) I knew you would be.

Lily: (she considers pressing Cami further, but instead talks to the audience) Why is she acting so weird? We grew up together. Is she lying to me? Is she moving? What’s changed? Why is everything such a secret? (Looks back at Camila) Tell me what’s going on.

[awkward moment]

Camila: (blurts it out really fast) My family’s illegal. My mom got deported today that’s why dad called me. (Covers her mouth)

Lily: (Looks at her like she is joking) Very funny. What’s really going on?

(Camila looks at the floor, not responding.)

Camila: That’s the truth.

Lily: What’s really going on? 

Camila: You don’t believe me–

Lily: You’re illegal. Why didn’t you tell me this before?

Camila: It’s not that easy. Your dad–

Lily: If you don’t trust me, why are we friends?

Camila: I wanted to see what it was like to have a friend who wasn’t Hispanic.

Lily: How did this happen?

Camila: Me and my mom came here as tourists when I was 5 years old and we never went back. We wanted to go back but my dad said no and he kept us here.

Lily: Okay–

Camila: If you tell your dad about…

Lily: You’re here every day–

Camila: If you tell him, we’re out —

Lily: I don’t understand. It seems like you’ve changed.

Camila: I’m the same person I always was.

Lily: But you’ve been lying to me this whole time.

Camila: You wouldn’t have understood.

Lily: If I tell, where will you go?

Camila: (to the audience) I’m scared to death but I can’t show her that. (to Lily) He won’t catch us, and why would I tell you.

Lily:  Maybe I will tell him.

Camila: Fine. Do whatever you want.

Lily:  You don’t think this will affect you?

Camila: No I’m used to it.

Lily: I know what you’re doing. Covering. You’re obviously scared.

Camila: Your type of scared and mine are so different.

Lily: Fine. Then tell me.

Camila: My uncle got caught crossing over. We’ve heard nothing so far. We don’t know if he’s in jail or in hiding, or if he’s dead. That’s my kind of scared.

Lily: When did this happen? Your parents–

Camila: Last month. My mom’s gone now. She doesn’t know anything anyway. They won’t tell her anything. My dad doesn’t care. My little sister doesn’t even know. How can you tell a six-year-old… I need to hide it.

Lily: Are you scared of me?

Camila: Do you want the truth or the lie?

Lily: Tell me the truth.

Camila: I’m not supposed to be scared of you, but I am. I’m petrified. With a snap of your fingers I could be gone by tomorrow.

Lily: Get out now! I never want to see you again.

(LOUD KNOCK on the door.)

Man’s Voice: Lily–

(Camila panics. Light change.)

Camila enters her bedroom on the opposite side of the stage. She tosses her backpack on the bed and rummages through it. She finds a bottle of pills and a bottle of vodka. She takes a handful of pills and forces them down with sips of vodka.

She takes a out a piece of paper and pen, and writes a short note.

She curls up on the bed with a blanket.

After a moment, Lily rushes into the room. When she sees Camila on the bed she’s overcome with emotion.

Lily finds the note that Camila left.  

Lily: (reading) ‘Dear Lily, I’m sorry–I just couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t live in this fear and pain. I just beg you to take care of my sister. You will always be my best friend. Love, Cami.’

Lily: (to the audience)  I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.


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