True Friends – Ross School (2013)

True Friends by Caitlin Aripotch


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Olivia: Oh thank god you’re here!! Sorry for the mess I have a lot of studying papers. (Stares around the room embarrassed)

Sophie: Looks fine to me! (plops down onto a beanbag and pulls laptop out of bag
and completely zones out.)

Olivia: Okay, so I have all these different vocabulary books set out here, they’ll help
us the most okay Sophie? Sophie? (turns around and looks at her)

Sophie: (notices Olivia) Oh, sorry! Okay, work now.

Olivia: (hands Sophie book) Open to chapter five, the words will be on there with

Sophie: Okay, here’s a word: (word is placid) Play-kid. That’s a weird word.

Olivia: Placid. Calm, peaceful.

Sophie: Placid, right. (looks on laptop) (ascetic) As-ket-tik? I haven’t heard that
word before!

Olivia: Ascetic. Just go on to the next one (slightly aggravated)

Sophie: I know this one! Audacious! (pauses) Olivia I’m bored can we do, like,
History? (smiles)

Olivia: No! I have to study vocabulary!

Sophie: Fine. (Benevolent) Be-nee-violent?

Olivia: Benevolent.

Sophie: Okay, Be-be-

Olivia: On second thought, maybe we should do history.

Sophie: Okay, do you just want to learn facts?

Olivia: Fine.

Sophie: Sooo, when was the great wall made?

Olivia: 210 bc?

Sophie: Correct! And did you know that it is the only man made structure visible
from space?

Olivia: Sophie! Don’t you ever listen in class? That fact was proven wrong ages ago!

Sophie: no!

Olivia: Yes!

Sophie: No!

Olivia: Sophie, its been proven that it’s not the only one visible!

Sophie: No! It says right here, ‘the Great Wall of China is also the only man-made
structure visible from space!’

Olivia: You can’t believe what the internet says Sophie!

Sophie: Yes you can!

Olivia: what site are you on?


Olivia: Sophie everyone knows you can’t trust that sight!

Sophie: Whatever!

Olivia: Sophie, you need to start becoming more responsible about school work!

Sophie: Why? It’s just eighth grade?

Olivia: So? Just because it’s eighth grade doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter!

Sophie: Ugh, you take things way to seriously!

Olivia: Sophie! You thought that the great wall of China was the only man-made
structure visible from space!

Sophie: But the internet said it!

Olivia: Do you really think everything on the internet is true?

Sophie: It has to be true! It’s illegal to put a lie on it!

Olivia: And where did you learn that?

Sophie: The internet.

Olivia: (smacks head) Sophie the internet is lying just by saying that it can’t lie!

Sophie: (jumps up) You always doubt me Olivia!

Olivia: (jumps up too) No I don’t! You don’t take anything seriously! (yelling at each

Sophie: yes I do! You take things too seriously!!

Olivia: You were supposed to help me!

Sophie: Are you kidding! I am such a good friend!

Olivia: (stares in shock)

Sophie: What? You’ve always known that!

Olivia: Sophie, I don’t know what’s wrong with you or if you are on something, but
you’re acting kinda nuts.

Sophie: you just don’t want to accept it.

Olivia: Sophie, I have always been there for you. And what have you done for me?

Sophie: Everything obviously! You wouldn’t even get into boarding school if it
weren’t for me helping you! Gosh, be more considerate Olivia.

Olivia: Sophie you’re not thinking straight. At least I want to get somewhere!

Sophie: Are you really going to go there?

Olivia: Don’t be such an idiot. You started this.

Sophie: I can’t help that I believe what I read on the internet!

Olivia: you thought that it was illegal for the internet to lie!

Sophie: So?

Olivia: Everyone knows that the internet can lie!

Sophie: and where did you read that?

Olivia: (pauses, says innocently) the internet. (lights out)

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