Time For A Change – Bridgehampton School (2013)

Time For A Change by Autumn Street

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Setting: The school day is over, and two girls are waiting for their rides home.


TAYLOR- A fourteen-year old girl that is rude and obnoxious towards her peers

ANDREA- A fourteen-year old girl that is very kind towards others

(The song “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd fades out and the lights brighten. Taylor is
sitting on the bench waiting for her mom to come pick her up from school.)

TAYLOR: (sarcastic) Well, look who it is! Little miss perfect Andrea!

ANDREA: (walks onto stage towards the bench and waves at Taylor) Hi Taylor!

TAYLOR: (pushes her backpack to the open space on the bench and snickers) Sorry,
this seat is taken.

ANDREA: Are you sure? I don’t see anyone sitting here.

TAYLOR: (stands up) Truthfully, I just don’t want you sitting next to me.

ANDREA: And why is that?

TAYLOR: Oh, nothing much. I just don’t like sitting next to boyfriend stealers. No biggie.

ANDREA: (raises eyebrow) Boyfriend stealers?

TAYLOR: (rolls eyes and huffs) Don’t act dumb with me. Ever since Harry and I have
been arguing lately, you’ve made it your business to be all over him. That’s really low,
even for a girl like you.

ANDREA: No sweetie, he’s been all over me. It’s not my fault that I’m there for him
when he needs me. You’re too busy making everyone’s lives horrible to even spend
some time with your boyfriend. You can’t get mad at me because he likes me.

TAYLOR: That’s what you think.

ANDREA: Actually, I know this for a fact.

TAYLOR: I doubt it. He would never like a loser like you.

ANDREA: Well, since you doubt it so much, I guess you’ll just have to ask Harry and
see it from his point of view!

TAYLOR: Why would I do that?

ANDREA: (angry) Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you’re one of the most trifling and
desperate girls I’ve ever met! You try to get everything you want, and if you don’t get
it you harass the person until you do! You always force your friends to embarrass me
every chance you get! You’re mad at me because your boyfriend is interested in me.
Maybe if you weren’t so bitchy to him, he wouldn’t be looking at other girls.

TAYLOR: You can think whatever you want. Everyone knows Harry would never lower
his standards for an unpopular girl like you. That’s social destruction, and he wouldn’t
do that to himself.

ANDREA: Oh, we’ll see about that, Taylor. He told me that he’s getting real sick of you
and your crap.

TAYLOR: Whatever. (phone rings) Anyways, I have to take this call. (answers phone)

HARRY: Hi Taylor.

TAYLOR: Hey Harry!

HARRY: Um, look, we need to talk.

TAYLOR: About what babe?

HARRY: About us.

TAYLOR: So, what is it?

HARRY: I’m sorry, but I just can’t do this anymore…

TAYLOR: (confused) Harry, I don’t get what you’re saying.

HARRY: I’m breaking up with you.

TAYLOR: (baffled) WHAT?!?!

HARRY: I just can’t deal with you anymore! You’re so selfish and rude! How do you
even live with yourself? When we first started going out, I ignored your mean personality
and hoped that you would change, but you didn’t. Your attitude just kept getting worse
every day. I don’t think I can deal with it anymore.

TAYLOR: (starts crying) You don’t mean that.

HARRY: Actually, I do. You treat everyone at this school like crap! You don’t care about
anyone’s feelings but your own! (talks quietly) I wish you would be more like Andrea…


HARRY: Yeah…

TAYLOR: I can’t believe you! Out of all the girls at this school, you like her? WHAT THE

HARRY: At least she has a better personality than you do! Unlike you, Andrea has
many friends because she actually cares about others. I don’t know how many times
you’ve tried to embarrass her in front of the whole class, and she just smiled and asked
you if you were having a bad day. She even cares about you, Taylor! I think that’s
amazing, since you don’t give a crap about her! Maybe if you were more like her, I
wouldn’t mind being with you.

TAYLOR: Since you like Andrea so much, maybe you should just make her your
girlfriend. You obviously don’t want me!

HARRY: Maybe I will! She would be a better girlfriend to me than you ever were.

TAYLOR: (screams) I HATE YOU!

HARRY: I guess that’s one feeling we share towards each other.

TAYLOR: I hope you’re happy with (snotty voice) Andrea.

HARRY: Of course I am!

TAYLOR: Ugh, have a nice life without me Harry!

HARRY: (laughs) Trust me, Taylor, I will.

TAYLOR: (hangs up) Oh my gosh, he just broke up with me.

ANDREA: I told you it was going to happen sooner or later.

TAYLOR: What did I do to deserve this?

ANDREA: Oh, I don’t know. Let me think…EVERYTHING!

TAYLOR: Well, I’m sorry that I’m not perfect like you, Andrea. (starts crying)

ANDREA: What do you mean?

TAYLOR: You’re absolutely perfect! You’re super pretty, smart, funny, nice, and caring.
I treat you like crap every day, and you still treat me nicely. I wish I could be like you!

ANDREA: That’s the thing, Taylor. You can be like me! All you have to do is be kind
and treat people the way you want to be treated. I doubt you would want someone to
constantly spread rumors about you around the school, so don’t do it to others.

TAYLOR: (sniffles) I guess you’re right. Andrea, do you want to know why Harry broke
up with me?

ANDREA: If it makes you feel better by talking about it, then go ahead.

TAYLOR: He told me that I have a horrible personality and that he hates the way I’m
always putting people down. He also said that maybe if I was like you, he wouldn’t mind

ANDREA: You’re not a horrible person.

TAYLOR: Yes I am! My own boyfriend, (sniffles) ex-boyfriend, didn’t even want to be
with me anymore! Why can’t I be perfect like you?

ANDREA: Seriously Taylor, you’re not a bad person. And the only reason you’re not
perfect is because it isn’t a real thing. Nobody is perfect.

TAYLOR: Yeah, I get it, I won’t ever be perfect. Now I want you to explain to me why I
treat people so badly.

ANDREA: (shrugs) To tell you the truth, I don’t know why you do it. I think maybe it’s
your way of coping with your feelings.

TAYLOR: What should I do to change that?

ANDREA: Maybe you should try talking to your close friends and family, that way they
know how you feel and they can help be there for you.

TAYLOR: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

*Car Honks*

ANDREA: Well, that’s my ride.

TAYLOR: Ok, bye. And thank you for helping me! (hugs Andrea)

ANDREA: (hugs Taylor back) (smiles) No problem! (starts walking away but stops) Oh,
and Taylor.


ANDREA: Just remember what I told you. Treat others the way you want to be treated
and I guarantee you that good things will always happen for you!

TAYLOR: I’ll remember that!

ANDREA: Good. Never forget it!

TAYLOR: I won’t!

ANDREA: (goes off stage)

TAYLOR: (smiles to herself) I won’t ever forget it.

*End song- “Change Your Life” by Little Mix*

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