They Call Me Meap – Bridgehampton School (2014)


Paige Hoyt and Aniya Coffey in Kwame Yirenkyi’s play “They Call Me Meap.” Photo by Star Black

They Call Me Meap by Kwame Yirenkyi

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(Location: A small park in the middle of the city)

(Time: A clear Friday afternoon in the summer)

Meap: (sitting in a tree) Hey! Hey!

Alex: (climbs up to join Meap) (Pause) …WHAT are you DOING up there?

Meap: Just looking around.

Alex: At what? The dirty city?

Meap: Whatever…

Alex: Did you hear about the new Mainland Inc. building they’re putting up?

Meap: Yeah it’s my Parents new job…

Alex: They’re supposed to be putting it in this park.

Meap: You’re kidding me, right?

Alex: No it’s in the Times.

Meap: Come on!!! It’s the last park in the city!

Alex:  Yeah, I hate to see it go but…

Meap: This is a great place to come after school.

Alex:  I know. We have been coming here since we were kids.

Meap: Wow, we have to do something, you know?

Alex: How would we?

Meap: We need a plan.

Alex: We could pass out flyers.

Meap: Or make posters.

Alex: Bring that bullhorn you got for your birthday.

Meap: Sure. We Could…(They try to come up with more ideas)

Alex: ……………we could……………uh..(trying to come up with ideas)

(Sun starts to slowly set in background.)

Alex: I’ve got nothing!! And it’s getting late; I should go.

Meap: I’m going to stay a little longer. Meet back here tomorrow?

Alex: Sure.

(The next day Meap is sitting in a tree waiting for Alex)

Alex: Jess! Jess! (Meap‘s real name)

(Meap doesn’t respond)

Alex: (slowly starts to remember) Oh… Meap.

Meap: Hey!! Climb up.

(Alex climbs up.)

Alex: I called you Jess, and you didn’t respond.

Meap: No one calls me that anymore.

Alex: Well if you talked more–

Meap: (interrupts) Never mind. Did you come up with a plan?

Alex: All I could come up with was:  we could sit in the tree, so they won’t tear it down. Then we have someone pass out flyers, and see if we attracted attention.

Meap: I don’t like attention.

Alex: I’LL do all the talking.

Meap: What time do we meet up?

Alex: I have a baseball game at noon and-

Meap: You have to be here!!

Alex: I’ll be there; don’t worry.

Meap: You better be there.

Alex: I promise….I’ve got to go.

Meap: See ya.

(Next day Meap is in her house getting ready to leave. She turns on the news and sees they’re starting to tear the park down.)

(On TV news) Reporter (Outside voice): Here at Acorn Park there starting to tear the area to build the Mainland Inc. building.

Meap: No! They’re staring early!

(Meap calls Alex)

Meap: Hello! Alex Pick up!!

(Goes to voicemail)

(Meap runs out, grab bullhorn and flyers, hands out flyers, climbs tree with bull horn, …)

(Meap is back in the tree at the park with bullhorn while throwing flyers down at the crowd gathering around)

Construction Worker (Off stage voice): Hey kid, get down from there!

Meap: (whispers in to the bullhorn and can’t bring herself to talk) W..w..w..we n…need this park.

Construction worker (Off stage voice):  Start it up, boys!!

(Loud noise starts. Meap climbs down to go sit on the curb. Alex runs in to find out she is late)

Alex: Am I late?!

Meap: What do you think?

Alex: But they started early!

Meap: So you promised.

Alex: We still have a chance.

Meap: How? They’re already starting.

Alex: The news crew!!

Meap: We can try…

(Meap and Alex walk over to the news crew as they start reporting.)

Alex: Follow my lead!

Alex: (in bullhorn) KEEP The PARK…KEEP The PARK…KEEP The PARK!

Reporter (Off stage voice): Breaking new… two young protesters chant to keep the park.

Alex: Keep the park!

Reporter (Off stage voice): So… what is your reason to protest?

Alex: This is the last free spot of land where kids can come to hang out.

Reporter (Off stage voice): What about you?

Meap: um…um…. Be be because it’s important to the city to preserve our land. And it’s a great place to get away…

Reporter (Off stage voice): What are your names kids?

Alex: My name is Alex…

Meap: My name is Jess but…. They call me Meap.

(Next day Meap and Alex)

Meap: Wow that was amazing.

Alex: You know hundreds of people saw you.

Meap:  Well….if it keeps the park. (Meap reading) Mayor Antonio has announced that the Mainland Inc Building will be built across the street from the Park, thanks to young protesters.

Alex and Meap: YES!!!!!


The cast and playwright of “They Call Me Meap.” From L to R: Aniya Coffey, Kwame Yirenkyi, and Paige Hoyt. Photo by Star Black.

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