The Snowball Fight That Started It All (2015)


Georgia Michealides and Nina Singh in Amanda Norr’s play, “The Snowball Fight That Started It All.” Photo by Tom Kochies.

The Snowball Fight That Started It All by Amanda Norr

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(Jack walks up to Allison’s door and knocks)

Allison: (opens the door) Oh, hi Jack what’s up!

Jack: Hey Allison. Nothing really I was just bored, so I thought I would come over to see what you were doing.

Allison: Oh ok. Well I was just making some hot chocolate. Would you like to come inside and try some?

Jack: Sure! (Jack walks into Allison’s small wooden cabin)


Jack: Wow it is really cold outside, and it’s snowing.

Allison: Really! It must be cold but winter isn’t going to end for another month. (Allison hands Jack a cup of hot chocolate)

Jack: Thanks! (drinks the hot coco) Wow this hot coco is really good!

Allison: Thank you. I made it with…

(Allison is stopped by a smash on the window)



Allison: I don’t know! (Allison walks over to the window to see what had happened)

Jack: So, what do you see?

Allison: It looks like someone had thrown a snowball at the window.

Jack: But who? Look outside, do you see anyone?

Allison: No, I hardly see anyone.

Allison: Well I guess we just have to go outside and look for ourselves.

Jack: ARE YOU CRAZY!! It’s below 0 degrees out there. We’ll freeze.

Allison: Then we’ll just have to dress warm!

(Allison and Jack get their snow clothes on and then they both walk outside to see who threw the snowball at Allison’s window)


Allison: Hello! Is anyone out there?

Jack: Come on Allison, No one is out there. It was probably just the wind! Let’s go back inside, it’s freezing out here!

Allison: SHH! Did you hear that?

Jack: What? I didn’t hear anything.

Allison: There it is again! Follow me!

(As Allison and Jack walk towards the voices they get louder)


Jack: What is that?

Allison: I think they’re children having a snowball fight.

(Jack and Allison get noticed by the group of kids)

Boy 1: Hey, you two over there. Do you want to join our snowball fight? You came just in time, before we even started.

Jack: Sure!

Allison: OK.

Boy 1: OK, So you both are over there, on the other side with the red team. I’m on the blue team.

(Jack and Allison both head over to the red team)

Jack: Are you sure about this?

Allison: Yea, don’t worry. I’m sure we’re going to have fun.

Jack: OK, hopefully we will.

(As both teams are dead silent, waiting for the signal to start. All of a sudden you hear an object falling out of the air, racing through the wind)



Allison: Was that the signal to start?!

Jack: Wait! I’m so confused right now, which team started first?

Allison: Wait a minute; I’ve heard about this somewhere.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Allison: SHH, I’m trying to think!

Jack: About what? Answer me!! What are you talking about??!!

Allison: OH MY GOD! COME ON!

(Allison grabs Jack by the hand and heads back to Allison’s house)


(Allison and Jack run into Allison’s house and they both take off their snow clothes, Allison rushes to her computer and Jack follows her)

Jack: What are you doing? What are you looking up on your computer?

Allison: So we were just in a snowball fight, someone threw the first snowball, but no one knows who.

Jack: Yeah so.

Allison: I learned about this in school! This same even happened in 1775!

Jack: What a snowball fight.

Allison: NO a war!

Jack: What war?

Allison: “The Battles of Lexington and Concord”

Allison: Look at the computer, it says that “The Battles of Lexington and Concord” was a war between the 13 American colonies and the British authorities, but no one knows which side fired first. This was the “shot heard ’round the world”.

Jack: Wow!

Allison: Jack we basically just re-acted history.

Jack: Oh my god you are right, wow this is amazing.

Allison: I know.

(Jack phone rings)

Jack: Oh it’s my mom, she wants me home for dinner. But I’ll be back tomorrow to learn more about this war.

Allison: OK bye Jack I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jack: Ok bye! (Jack walks out the door)

Allison: Hmm, I’m thirsty for some tea.

(Allison makes herself some tea and sits back down and goes back on to her computer)

Allison: Let’s see what else I can learn today? Oh what is this? I wonder what the “Boston Tea Party” is?



The cast and writer of “The Snowball Fight That Started It All.” Photo by Tom Kochie.


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