The Hero – Eastport South Manor (2014)


Nick Benfante and Blanca Hurley in Sabrina Schumacher’s play, “The Hero.” Photo by Star Black.

The Hero by Sabrina Schumacher

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John: OW!!!

Sara: Did that hurt?

John: YES IT HURT!!! Just get away from me!!!

Sara: But you’re hurt.

John: I don’t care if I’m hurt… let me fight.

Sara: Come on let me fix you up at camp.

John: No I’m not going!!!

Sara: Too bad. (Sara grabs him by the hand and drags him across the stage)

John: What the? What are you doing? STOP!!!

Sara: NO!!!

(John breaks away and jumps to his feet then violently brushes off his shoulder)

John: I didn’t want help.

Sara: You were lying helplessly on the battlefield. And bleeding!

John: So…

Sara: So… you could HAVE DIED!!!

John: This was an opportunity for me to finally make my dream come true.

Sara: How is being shot going to help you with your dream? If you’re dead you’re dead. You won’t have a dream.

John: Because, my dream is to become a Revolutionary War hero.


John: Exactly, if I survived and pulled myself back on the battlefield I certainly could have become a hero.

Sara: Ok I’m sorry… um what is your name?

John: John although I don’t see why it is any of your business.

Sara: Ok I’m sorry John and by the way my name is Sara.

John: Sorry isn’t good enough… Brat. Now I might never get another chance like that again… This sucks!

Sara: Let it go there will be more opportunities.

John: Whatever

Sara: How about this if I help you with your dream will you help me with mine?

John: You didn’t help me with my dream, you messed it up… and no hero of America NEEDS HELP!!!

Sara: Open your eyes John! There will be no America if Britain wins this war.

John: Yes there will just under British direction… DUH!!!

Sara: And what happened to freedom? That is the only reason we came here in the first place. To be free of the king. You’re being ridiculous!

John: Whatever… now get out of my way girl don’t you have some dirty uniforms to wash?

Sara: Yeah actually I do.

John: Then you better get to it… the sun isn’t out all day you know.

Sara: I don’t know what happened. I thought he would be grateful that I saved his life but the way he spoke to me made it sound like a crime rather than a good deed. I thought it would be like a book when the girl saves the guy and they fall in love. Happy ending. But the way things just went it can’t possibly happen.

John: I can’t believe what I just did. Why would I yell at an innocent girl? She was only trying to help she didn’t know about my dream. I really feel bad now I hope it’s not too late to say I’m sorry and I really want to be friends.

Sara is found washing and folding some laundry. John sees her and tries to figure out how to approach her and apologize. Sara bumps into John with the basket and into his injured leg.

John: (bump) Ow!!

Sara: Sorry. Who are you?

John: Sorry.

Sara: John… is that you?

John: Yes… hi Sara

Sara: Hello… But what are you doing here?

John: I snuck in I wanted to talk to you.

Sara: Why?

John: I had something to tell you .

Sara: Ok… but you better make it quick you’re not supposed to be here

John: First I want to apologize for my behavior earlier, I was just so caught up in the future that I wasn’t thinking, I really am sorry.

Sara: It’s ok don’t worry about it.

John: I hope it’s not too late to say I’m sorry and I really want to be friends.

Sara: John I would but it is forbidden. You’re British and I am a Patriot. I am an American colonist and you are a red coat and you’re one of Georgie’s boys.

John: I don’t care. We deserve to be friends and …well I’m going to try.

Sara: Really?

John: Really.

Sara: Well then I’ll do everything I can also.

John: Sara?

Sara: Yes John?

John: What is your dream?

Sara: To find true love.

John: Oh… that’s nice.

Sara: You should go you’re not supposed to be here if one of the minute men see you they will shoot you.

John: Yeah… I’ll see you around.

Sara: Bye.

Sara: Wow. The way he spoke to me yesterday I thought he hated me. But he just risked his life and snuck into camp just to see me and apologize. He wanted to be friends, but I just don’t see how it is possible. The only way is to switch to the colonist side. It could mean death if he gets caught. But John is very humble if he wants to risk his life there is no stopping him. But wait I can’t like him he is a red coat. But I really like him. No I don’t. Yes I do. No I don’t. I DON”T KNOW!!!

John: Every time I see Sara the more I like her. She is humble and brave and would do anything for love. I would love to spend the rest of my life with her. Bu that would mean crossing onto the colonist side and if I get caught it could mean death. But I would do anything to be with Sara even if it meant putting my life on the line. I must sneak in tomorrow and ask Sara if I can stay with her and her family and get to know her better. But wait she’s a colonist I can’t like her. But I really like her. No I don’t. Yes I do. AHH!!! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

(Once again John enter and sneaks up on Sara only this time she is knitting. He once again startles her and she accidentally slaps him.)

John: Hi Sara.

Sara: Ahhhh…! (She slaps him. Realizes it’s John.) You scared me.

John: Sorry

Sara: Sorry for hurting you again.

John: It’s OK.

Sara: John what are you doing here?

John: I snuck in again.

Sara: Why?

John: Sara I decided I don’t want to be British any more. So if it’s ok with you I would like to stay with you and your folks.

Sara: Yes I would love that.

John: So don’t you think we should get to know each other better?

Sara: Oh, ok tell me about your family.

John: Well my dad is the head of a big trading company and my mom is a servant to king George.

Sara: So you were wealthy?

John: No middle class but enough about me what about your family?

Sara: Well, it’s just my mom and I, I am and only child and my dad was killed in the war.

John: I’m sorry to hear that.

Sara: Yes but it is ok I have moved on.

John: I’m so glad that we’re friends now and you’re a part of my life now.

Sara: That’s great John but wait what about your dream?

John: You mean the hero thing?

Sara: No the one where you turn into a dog… of course the hero thing.

John: Well I would rather be your hero than a dead hero.

Sara: Thank you John

John: You’re welcome Sara.


The cast and playwright of “The Hero.” From L to R: Blanca Hurley, Sabrina Schumacher and Nick Benfante. Photo by Star Black.

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