The Election (2019)

Sophia Guarnaschelli (Lila/ Victoria/ Claire) Laney Gruber (CLEMENTINE/ ANNABELLE) in Amelia Lewis’s play, The Election

The Election

By Amelia Lewis

YAWP Summer Workshops- Hewlitt School

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Scene 1: English Class 

Scene opens to an almost full classroom. Lila sits on one chair and next to her is an empty chair. Class has just started, and students are pulling out pencils, notebooks, and computers as a teacher, MR. Davis, starts her English class. 

MR. DAVIS: (O.S.) Because our second semester comments are due next week, and it is Friday, we are going to be watching the Scarlet Letter. I think I might have mentioned- 

She is interrupted by the door opening. Clementine runs into the classroom. She has a large coat on, a backpack on, and two bags in her hands. 

MR. DAVIS: (O.S.) Hello Clementine, glad you could finally join us. 

CLEMENTINE: (Setting down her stuff in the empty seat between Victoria and Lila, speaking very quickly) Hi Mr. Davis! So sorry I’m late! My grandmother got our car stuck behind a garbage truck down on 64th and I swear, we were sitting there forev- 

MR. DAVIS (O.S.): (Interrupting Clementine) That’s enough, Clementine, I understand. Please quietly get ready for class. (Addressing the class) As I was saying, I think I might have told you while we were reading the book that this movie is- (beat change, back to addressing just Clementine) I’m sorry everyone. Clementine! What on earth are you doing? 

Clementine has hung her backpack on the back of her chair, taken off her jacket, and rolled up her sleeves. She is holding a pouch and, one by one, is pulling skincare products out and lining them up on the desk in front of her. Lila is rolling her eyes. 

CLEMENTINE: I’m so sorry MR. Davis. I was running late this morning and forgot to do my skincare routine. You know, I would have done it in the car, but I still had to eat breakfast, and my grandmother always insists that I eat something in the morn- 

MR. DAVIS (O.S.): I’m sure we would all love to hear the intricacies of your morning, but please halt your skincare routine for the moment while I explain what we will be watching today. Now getting back on topic, this movie is completely different from the book in a very bad way. While watching this movie, please write down what you would have done differently, and we will go over your ideas at the end of class. 

The movie is turned on and MR. Davis turns off the lights, then sits down at her desk. She opens her computer and starts typing. Clementine resumes her skincare routine. All the students whisper from this point on. 

LILA: (Turning to Clementine) I really wanted to try that moisturizer, but my mom won’t let me use products with parabens in them, so I wasn’t allowed to get it. 

CLEMENTINE: Yah, it is pretty good, but I have used better. BT-Dubs, did I tell you what Agnes did the other day? 

LILA: Nope, what happened this time?

CLEMENTINE: It was so bad… She pulled her stick bug out of her pocket and started like making a little house for it out of office supplies. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then CRUSHED the house she made for it. The bug somehow survived, but it was still pretty disgusting. 

LILA: And how did you get out of that one? 

CLEMENTINE: I told her I had to go to a bungee jumping contest. 

LILA: Nice! That’s so weird… she asked me if she could do my hair, and then said that lice was going around the grade and that she was testing me. 

CLEMENTINE: Eeeeewwwwwwww (they both turn back to the movie for a second) by the way, are you running for student council? 

LILA: Nah, not this year. 

CLEMENTINE: What? You need to! Almost everyone else that is running is an idiot!  I cannot deal with Annabelle again. We cannot have another situation like that again… 

LILA: I don’t know. (Lights come back up and students start to empty out) I’ll think about it… 

CLEMENTINE: We have a free period, right? Where are you going? 

LILA: (Lila puts her stuff away and pulls out a book) I’m just going to stay here. 

CLEMENTINE: (Getting more and more worked up throughout the monologue, ranting) Perfect, I can convince you to run for representative! (Lila rolls her eyes and starts reading) Look, I know you ran last year and lost, but that was only because Annabelle got a snapchat geotag for the school. And look at what happened to her! She got her title! You will totally win! I mean, look at the competition… It’s Victoria, Claire, and Annabelle. I refuse to be a co rep with any of them! Claire is such a try-hard, Victoria is just plain stupid, Annabelle is so stuck up and has a coke addiction. Please don’t leave me with them… I’ll die if I have to work with any of them. (Claire is still pretending to read). 

LILA: (Lila finally looks up at Clementine) I really hated losing last year, especially cause I knew what kind of person Annabelle was. I mean, you won last year, but I was crushed and definitely will be again if I don’t win. So why risk it, you know? 

CLEMENTINE: LILA! Do you really think that Victoria, Claire, or ANNABELLE could do a better job than you? NO HECKIN WAY! And after what Annabelle did? There’s no way she’s getting elected. They are both absolute dolts, and the whole grade knows that! 

LILA: (Sighing and goes back to reading) I don’t know. 

CLEMENTINE: (Softer) Look at me, (Lila sighs again and looks back up) There is no doubt in my mind that you will win. Trust me, no one wants any of the other girls in charge of the grade. And Annabelle is honestly such a Gemini it’s not even funny, what a two-faced (stops herself) … I think everyone learned their lesson after electing her. And don’t you remember the polls? She only had two more votes than you. And she made a geotag for god’s sake! You almost beat her even though she totally pulled strings! 

LILA: (small pause) How much time do we have till the elections? 

CLEMENTINE: I don’t know…Twenty minutes? 

LILA: Well then, we better write a speech quick if- 

CLEMENTINE: You’re running? (Lila looks up and smiles at Clementine) Yes! I knew it! (Running around the table to join Lila on the other side as Lila pulls out a pencil and a sheet of paper) 

Scene 2: Hallway 

Lila is walking down the hall and Annabelle is walking towards her. 

ANNABELLE: Hey Lila! (extremely smiley) Are you running for rep this year? 

LILA: (Nodding)I actually just finished writing my speech. 

ANNABELLE: Huh, Good for you. I’m sure that must have been so hard. I mean, we all remember how you lost last year (Laughs to herself)

LILA: Ahaha, yeah…

ANNABELLE: And with that crappy sweater? It looks like you bought it at the dollar tree. Seems like history is going to repeat itself after all… 

LILA: (smiling) And you think fake Gucci slides are any better? No one likes as liar Annabelle… 

ANNABELLE: (Suddenly very offended) These shoes cost more than your house. And do you really think that someone as low class as you could ever win? 

LILA: (as she’s walking away) Keep speaking and maybe you’ll say something intelligent for once.

Scene 3: Very crowded classroom 

Students are sitting on the tables and floor, all chatting amongst themselves. Five girls are standing at the front of the room in a row. 

MR.DAVIS (O.S.): Everyone, we will be hearing speeches from our 5 candidates for student council representatives and then we will vote afterward. Remember, you can vote for two representatives. The order will be Claire, Annabelle, Victoria, Clementine, and finally, Lila. 

CLAIRE: (Claire steps forward, speaks with confidence & conviction, while the audience becomes more and more confused throughout) Greetings to all. My name is Claire Nelson. I would be most honored to be your student council representative. I have many ideas that would improve the school such as to systematize the piscine populations of the school, to solve the school’s magnaniminious idiosyncratocicty problems and to editorialize the compartmentalization of the grade. With your support, I could change the infinitesimal irrefutability of telecommunication. I possess leadership qualities that would make a   great rep, so I hope you vote for me! (steps back and Victoria steps forward) 

ANNABELLE: (Steps forward, while chewing gum) Hi guys, I’m Annabelle Watch. So I know I made some poor choices last year, but I want to prove myself to you all that I can actually be an amazing representative. Just because I brought my cocaine brick into school that one time doesn’t mean I will do it again. I promise to never repeat my mistakes again. Onto lighter topics, I promise to get another geotag for the school and maybe even an Instagram filter as well. I hope you all can get over my past incidents and find it within yourself to vote for me. Remember, choose top-notch and vote for Watch! (gives crowd winning smile & turns around to face the other 4 girls. She takes gum out and sticks it onto one of the girls’ speeches/notebook. She then turns back around and smiles to audience; the 4 others look shocked) 

VICTORIA: Hi guys, I’m Victoria Diana Magdalene Hester Lawrence Ingram and I want to start my speech by telling you all a story. Soooo… I was in Sephora looking for that one Pat McGrath Lipstick line, you know the one that has the little cute lips on the packaging? Apparently, the company came out with three new lip colors! I already have the other 28 shades, so I was really excited to get the new ones and complete my collection. So, I went into Sephora and picked up the shades Anarkissed and Apricult, but Lust Angeles was sold out! Literally no one could find it! I actually broke down in the middle of the skincare aisle, and Debbie, my store attendant friend, omg love her, anyway she had to console me. But then I had an epiphany moment (Pronounced wrong)! I could just order it online! The point of me telling you this story was to show how much of a problem solver I am. Even in stressful conditions, I am able to use my head and get through it! Thank you for your time and I hope you all vote for me! (Steps back and Clementine steps forward) 

CLEMENTINE: (Said very innocently) Hello everyone, I am Clementine Fredrik and I have a few good reasons as to why voting for me is the right choice. Number one: (while motioning to Annabelle, in a ruder tone) Need I remind you all what happened last year? Number two: (Directed at Claire, back to sweet, innocent tone) Claire, I would be impressed if you knew what half of those words meant. And finally, number three: Victoria? I would recommend speaking about something other than a shopping excursion. Just not the right time. I promise to dedicate as much time as possible and will represent you all as best I can. Thank you for listening! (Steps back and Lila steps forward)

LILA: Hi y’all, I’m Lila Standen. Since I officially started my campaign exactly (looks at watch) 20 minutes ago, I was a bit behind on the speech writing process, so I hope you all will cut me some slack. I would really like to say that I will try my hardest to be an amazing student council representative. I will arrive to meetings on time, I will take all of your suggestions, and will work to reform the dress code. I promise to speak up on behalf of you all and make this year the best it can be. I know the best speeches are similar to comets: brilliant, dazzling, and over before you know it. With that, thank you for listening and I hope I have earned your vote. 

Lights black out. 

Scene 4: English Class 

Scene opens to the same almost full classroom as in the first scene. Lila is sitting in the same place, and the chair next to her is still empty chair. Class has just started, and MR. Davis begins her English class.

MR.DAVIS (O.S): Today, we will begin a new unit on the book My Ántonia by Willa Cather. I have posted a biography of Cather’s life on Google Classroom, so please take the next 10 minutes to read it. 

Students pull out computers and start reading the biography. The door opens and Clementine runs in, obviously out of breath. She drops her many bags next to the chair and looks expectantly at Lila.


LILA: (looking dejected) What?

MR. DAVIS (O.S): Clementine, (Both girls startle and look up) if you are going to enter my class late, at least do so silently. 

CLEMENTINE: Sorry, MR. Davis. I’ll be quieter next time. (looking back at Lila, loudly whispering) What are the results?

LILA: Of what?

CLEMENTINE: The election, you dolt.

LILA: Oh… (looking sad again)

CLEMENTINE: Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry! I really thought the two of us had a chance this time…

LILA: What are you talking about?

CLEMENTINE: We.. lost…didn’t we? I mean,(speeding up) if only one of us got it then that’s basically the same as both of us losing cause one of us will have to work with-

LILA: Of course we won!


MR.DAVIS: Clementine! Please! 

CLEMENTINE: Right. Sorry MR.Davis.

LILA: (innocently) I’m just sad cause our advisory had cookies this morning to celebrate and you missed it cause you were late!

CLEMENTINE: (whisper yelling, but now happy) I swear to god, Lila. 

LILA: (jokingly) Honestly Clementine, why did I agree to run with you? If you miss a student council meeting cause you decide to take a three hour shower, I will literally get you kicked off myself!

CLEMENTINE: (fake offended, grandiose) How could you accuse me of such a thing? (lining up her skin care products on her desk again) I would gladly sacrifice my morning shower for the sake of my people! And I don’t take three hour showers, I take two and a half. 

LILA: Oh my god…(Lila rolls her eyes/ facepalms/ puts her hands over her face/ outwardly displays her friendly frustration & disappointment in Clementine)

Lights black out. The end!

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