The Bread Shop – Eastport South Manor (2014)


Iliana Miranda and Liam McGevna in Julianna Caporusso’s “The Bread Shop.” Photo by Star Black.

“The Bread Shop” by Julianna Caporusso

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(Scene opens in a bread shop)

(Christopher is looking for bread, and Annabeth is purchasing her bread)

Annabeth: (Lets out an exhausted sigh)

(Annabeth buys her bread and notices Christopher)

Annabeth: Christopher! Fancy meeting you here! How are you? How is your family?

Christopher: Oh, hey Annabeth, I’m good. Family’s good. (Says in a low, unhappy voice) And oh, did you get the news?

Annabeth: What happened? Is everyone okay?

Christopher: Oh yeah, it’s just my brother’s gonna fight (looks down at his feet). In the war, I mean.

(Annabeth doesn’t know how to take the news. If it is good or bad)

Annabeth: Oh, that’s um, great! You must be so proud of him!

Christopher: I’m just really worried about him.

Annabeth: I’m sure he’ll be fine. Besides, he’s a good man and a great soldier.

Christopher: How’s your father? Is he doing well?

Annabeth: (Sighs) He’s been training a lot. I just hope I can spend some time with him before he leaves. (In a confident voice) He will definitely make Britain proud.

Christopher: Forget Britain. I’m a colonist and I want freedom. And besides, you live in the thirteen colonies. (He jokingly mummers “traitor” under his breath.)

Annabeth: (Rolls her eyes) Yes, I do live in the thirteen colonies but I came from Britain. And I am British. I will be loyal to my King and I always will be.

Christopher: You won’t be soon because we are gonna win this war.

Annabeth: My King will be respected. And your men are rebelling from your ruler!

Christopher: (Rolls his eyes) I’m not gonna be “ruled” by a fat, rich guy ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!

Annabeth: Christopher, you are being ridiculous.

Christopher: Just think about it Anna. Isn’t it just a little unfair?

Annabeth: It is most definitely fair! You’re just being stubborn.

Christopher: We could be free! We could become a country of our own! Isn’t it amazing how much our lives could change?!

Annabeth: Change is completely unnecessary.

Christopher: Change is completely necessary! What about the Quartering Act? Do you really want a bunch of soldiers taking over your house? If we win the war we could make our own laws and rid the thirteen colonies of these stupid rules!

Annabeth: Well if the British soldiers needed any help of mine, it would be an honor.

Christopher: And what about the Boston Massacre? Huh?

Annabeth: Don’t start with the Boston Massacre, Christopher. We all know the British soldiers were absolutely innocent in that situation. It was even proven in court so don’t use that against me.

Christopher: Whatever. Your King probably hasn’t even stepped a foot on the soil he’s ruling.

Annabeth: OUR King can go wherever he pleases. Now will you stop this silly quarrel? It’s nonsense.

Christopher: (Thinks for a second) Yeah, sure, I guess. (Christopher smirks) But I gotta hunch that the colonists are gonna win.

Annabeth: (Annabeth rolls her eyes with a smile) I wouldn’t plan on it.

(Annabeth and Christopher walk off stage laughing)



The cast and playwright of “The Bread Shop.” Photo by Star Black.

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