That Boy (2017)



Jaden Campbell and Jade Maldonado
in the play “That Boy”


That Boy

by Caleigh Hochstedler

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(Starts in Mya’s bedroom with her brother downstairs and her parents at work.)

(Mya and Emily just found out they are dating the same guy, who is Mya’s brother’s best friend.)

Emily: I thought we had a pact that we would never date the same guy.

Mya: Well why didn’t you tell me.

Emily: What are you talking about? Why didn’t you tell me?

Mya: I actually have a reason to not tell you.

Emily: Just because you don’t want your brother to find out you’re dating his best friend doesn’t mean you couldn’t tell me.

Mya: Emily! What the hell? He could here you. He’s literally right down stairs!!

Emily: Come on I know you don’t care about this jerk that much!

Mya: I know what is really going on here…you’re jealous.

Emily: What could I possibly be jealous of?

Mya: Of me – that he wants me and not you.

Emily: Oh please you think he’s gonna want you over me? I think you need to face facts, honey, he-doesn’t-want-you.

Mya: You know trying to be a badass isn’t going to get you anywhere. Lately you always have to act like you’re better than me – like everything’s a competition!

Emily: I try to act better than you?? You are trying to impress everyone with your college acceptances and perfect scores and everything’s perfect in your life, 24/7.

Mya: It’s not my fault you don’t want to succeed. The only thing you think about is parties and trying to hookup with every guy you can get with. Have you ever thought to really think about your future?

Emily: First my teachers, then my family, and now my best friend? STOP COMPARING ME TO YOU! I’m going to live my life how I want and no one can change that!

Mya: Fine go ahead and fail all your classes; lose your best friend, don’t go to college with me; see how it feels to have nobody there to support you.

Emily: I don’t need you. I don’t need anybody. Have fun trying to get MY boyfriend back.

Mya: Get out of my house.

Emily: Whatever. (She leaves. Emily stands by the door listening to Mya writing in her journal)

Mya: Dear diary…let me just say Emily is such a bitch and seriously doesn’t deserve Ricky! Or me! – Okay sorry just needed to get that out…(pause, takes a breath) There are just so many emotions I’m feeling right now. I don’t know if I’m mad or upset or just overall confused? I don’t know… (sighs) I thought that Emily was getting better, but I guess things have changed between us forever. I know I’m right. She even knows I’m right. Her family has ruined her… why did her dad have to leave? She used to be so different and happy, then after he left she’s turned down this path, trying to be cool, I guess. But now that he’s gone she won’t listen to anybody. All she wants to do is drink and smoke and hook up with guys. It’s like she thinks that every guy is going to make her dad come back. I’m over trying to help her..from now on she can fix her problems on her own…

Emily: (clears throat) I forgot my jacket…good to know that’s how you really feel.

Mya: I, uh…

Emily: No, don’t! I’ve heard it all. Listen I get that you need to impress your parents to get them to notice you, that they only notice your brother, but you don’t always have to impress me. I’m not like you; I’ll never be like you. I don’t have your life.

Mya: What the hell, I’m really over all the work it takes trying to be your friend.

Emily: What’s wrong with you? You act like everything that goes wrong is my fault because I like to live my life like a normal teen. I’m not going to let you treat me like I’m just-

Mya: No do NOT act like I’m the bad guy! I work my ass off trying to get good grades; go to work to help my family, trying to get you to see that you can’t just go along in life with no plan. I know what I’m talking about, but you insist on disregarding everything I’ve done to help you with your future.

Emily: You don’t need to help me every second of the day! Everywhere I go you’re there to “help” me. Well I’ll let you know you are no help – useless.

Mya: I’d like to see you succeed without me.

Emily: Hmm that’s funny (sarcastically laughs) I don’t remember you being my mother.

Mya: Or father… (Emily exits)


(Emily reenters)

Mya and Emily: WHAT??

Emily: You mean he broke up with you too?

Mya: Wait…seriously?

(Mya sits on her bed and starts to cry. Emily stands there and watches her, trying to think if she should comfort her or not. She finally comes over to Mya slowly and sits next to her, rubbing her back. )

Emily: Oh Mya, it’s okay. He’s just a pathetic, dumb teenager. Don’t let him get to you…just let it go.

Mya: I don’t even care about him…It’s us…I can’t believe we let a guy get between us like this. I don’t want this to ruin us. Our friendship is too important to just throw away.

Emily: I’m so sorry. Everything I said was really out of line and I should’ve never gone that far.

Mya: Yeah I know I was stupid and shouldn’t have gotten so defensive and I’m really sorry.

(They pause and hug for a few seconds when Emily randomly comes up with a fun idea.)

Emily: …Hey you know what I’m down for right now?

Mya: – fries?

Emily: – and chocolate milkshakes!!

Mya: Yessss!

Emily: You’re paying right?




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