Street Knights (2015)


Hope Brindle and Reilly Rose Schombs in Shanti Escalante “Street Knight.”

Street Knight

By Shanti Escalante

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Narrator­ 1Q and 2B look at the world and the world looks back


Opening­ both 1Q and 2B are sitting, facing this audience.


1Q­ Look we’re only gonna explain this once, got it?


2B­ You say you wanna play Street Knight but you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into here, so we’re gonna explain that way you can bow out… While you can.


1Q­ Nah don’t take 2B too seriously, it’s just like seriously addicting so.. doesn’t matter since most of us don’t have anything better to do anyway!


2B­ Haha yeah, that’s true.


1Q­ Anyway here’s some background. Legend is that Street Knight got made like, 37 years ago by Theta, the game master. He’s probably dead or something because if he made the game 37 years ago he’s minimum like 50+ now and that’s ancient so..


2B­ Right so the guy’s probably dead but the game lives on because people like myself and 1Q here help take care of it just by playing. Older kids that have been playing for a long time know more about how the game keeps running.

1Q­ Think of it like Daedalus’s labyrinth. It’s got a mind of it’s own growing way bigger that what the creator had originally put there…


2B­ So yeah basically all over the city Theta set up checkpoints. You get to the checkpoint by figuring out clues. You get clues by word of mouth. It’s all pretty underground but I guess the point of that is that you need to be in this system anyway to know how to deal with the game. Oh yeah, on the way to your checkpoint you’ve got to complete your quest goals,


1Q­ ­ also given in the clues.


2B­ yeah, and then once you get to the checkpoint, you get a prize and a clue, that is ?if ?you beat the boss which is hard but if you get through it’s really worth the effort and soreness the next day.


1Q­ Basically it’s awesome. Gets you out of House for a while and generally, not to be lame or whatever, but playing Street Knights keeps you safe..


2B­ Yea, it’s not like, proven or anything but most kids who play just don’t, like that random bad shit just usually doesn’t catch up with them. It’s a sweet deal.


End scene. Stage goes dark.

1Q and 2B walking around the city, going from checkpoint A to B. They act cautiously around garbage cans, and at times sneak around as they run from one safe spot to another, signaling silently. Other times they walk casually. In this moment they feel safe and so are walking casually. 

On the screen behind them it says


???????????? !


1Q­ Ok, I think we’ve got another 10 minutes till we reach checkpoint C82.


2B­ Do you feel ready? I mean, this is ?it?, the Boss battle. You know… we may not come out alive…


1Q rolls their eyes.


2B­ Hey don’t roll your eyes! It’s different this time. I mean, we are gonna fight this guy.


1Q­ Yea, mm, wait I’m talking Out Of Character right now, we’re just gonna like, play around in the park and like maybe steal grapes max, right?


2B­ Um? No! Dude I was totally being serious about going after Mordecai!

1Q and 2B stop walking. 


1Q­ Whoa whoa whoa back up! Yo we were just playing around when we talked about that.


2B­ I wasn’t!


1Q­ I can’t believe you’re saying this right again, I thought we went over this..


2B puts up their hands placatingly, trying to cajole 1Q into their way of thinking.


2B­ I know it’s a little crazy but it’s doable! Don’t you want him gone?


1Q­ Well fuckin duh! But there’s a difference between just playing street knights and, like, actually going after someone, actually hurting someone. And you’re not thinking this through, there’s no way we could even put a dent in that guy he’s like 7 feet tall and a beast and killing people is illegal anyway!


2B­ You’re being boring! You’re acting like a grown up already! Never doing anything, never taking chances, never being brave! Grown ups aren’t heroes but we could be!


1Q­ Heroes? Us hurting Mordecai is gonna make us heroes? That’ll mean consequences for everyone at House! I’m telling you this isn’t the game anymore! Snap out of it!


2B­ Game? What fucking game! This is our lives!


1Q stands in shock before shaking their head in anger and disbelief. 


1Q­ Oh my god, fine whatever I’m leaving. Just do me a favor and calm down and try not to do anything stupid.


Scene ends. Stage goes dark. 

1Q and 2B are on opposite sides of the stage.

1Q is pacing, and 2B is walking slowly with their “sword”, sneaking around corners. 

The spotlight is on 1Q

1Q­ What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?


Spotlight is on 2B


2B­ I can be brave. I can be brave. I can be brave.


Spotlight on 1Q


1Q­ Shit! I can’t do it, I have to find 2B, I shouldn’t have left them alone.


Spotlight on 2B


2B­ I can be brave but I’m scared right now. I’m so scared I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish Theta was around or alive, I think he’d be a cool guy, I’m sure he’d help me out. You know, I don’t like to admit it but sometimes, having an adult around, it’s­ I want someone to take care of me sometimes.


1Q enters 


1Q­ 2B! I’m so happy I found you!


1Q and 2B come together and hug each other.


2B­ Oh thank god you’re here! I didn’t think I could do this alone.


1Q gently pulls away


1Q­ Look trust me I know why you want to do this to Mordecai. Trust me I know. But this isn’t just about the other kids, this is about you. If you do this things aren’t going to turn out well for you. Just think how sad Theta would be if he found out that all his hard work trying to keep you safe went to waste. Come on, you know this isn’t the time.


2B­ If not now, when?


1Q­ Later! You’ve got your whole life to get stronger playing Street Nights and once you’re a grown up you can defeat Mordecai on your own terms and everyone in House is gonna have the protector that we never really had.


2B­ But I’m afraid, I’m afraid that if I don’t do this now, I’ll become and adult and I won’t care anymore. That I’ll laugh looking back at this because this never really mattered.


1Q­ You’re never gonna forget how he made you feel, you’re never gonna forget how you feel know. Future you is gonna know how much it hurt, even if it seems small in the future. Future you is gonna fight all the battles that you can’t now. Future you is still gonna be you, you’re not gonna disappear.


2B­ Ok, yeah, I believe you

Screen lights up, a gold star flashes, task completed comes on the screen

2B­ Fuck! Ok we did it! Nice…

2B and 1Q high five

1Q­ Anyway that was mad heavy lol.. What do you wanna do?

2B­ Yeah! Um, I dunno, food now?

1Q­ Ah! Yeah for sure!




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