Rock’s Tale – Pierson Middle School (2010)

Nick Kruel and Jimmy Haynal in Ian Barrett's play, "Rock's Tale". Photo by Jessica Adamowicz.

“Rock’s Tale”

By Ian Barrett

Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor, NY.

Scene 1.

(Rock is pacing back and forth at the entrance to the forest)

Rock: I hate the forest! My master always makes me go to the forest. This time at least he promised me my freedom. He has promised me this before but he never does. He thinks I am really dumb and I forget, but I do remember. I remember, but I never dare to tell him because he would punish me. Trust me, that is NOT fun.

(Rock finally enters the forest)

Scene 2.

(Rock is walking in the forest and he comes across a sign that says “ Keep Out” But he can’t read so he doesn’t understand it)

Crock: Hey what are you doing here!? Didn’t you read the sign?

Rock: Uh…no, I can’t read

Crock: Well, what brings you so far in the forest?

Rock: My master sent me into the woods to find something that will impress the village.

Crock: The Village?! You must leave!

Rock: You look familiar… were you from the village by the river?

Crock: Yes, I was. I was a slave but I was banished for stealing some meat. I have been living here, deep in the forest ever since.

Rock:  Now I remember you!

Crock: Well, look at me now. I am alone and lonely. I have no family or friends. I should have  stayed a slave.

Rock: I would like to help you, but what can I do? I’m just a slave. (awkward pause) Well…I should really get going I only have till sundown.

Crock: No no! Please stay! I haven’t had any company in so long and you looked hungry. Would you like something to eat?

Rock: (feeling sorry for him) I guess I can stay for a while.

(They walk into the cave and Rock sees the fire and jumps away)

Rock: What is that!?

Crock: Its fire. Wait! Your village still doesn’t have fire? All the other villages have it…even the Neanderthals have it!

Rock: The Neanderthals!?  Okay…so  what does it do? (Rock bends over and touches it) Ahh!

Crock: It cooks meat like rabbit, woolly mammoth, and other things, such as fish. It brings light into the dark. Oh, and it gives off heat, so it is dangerous to touch.

Rock: Yeah, I already figured the dangerous part out.

Crock:  Would you like some cooked rabbit?

Rock: Ummm, okay. I’ll try it. (Rock engulfs the meat in three bites)

Rock: This is amazing! The food AND the fire. So how do you make it?

Crock: Why should I tell you?

Rock: Why not?

Crock:  Well, you will just take it back to your master and I will continue to live here in the deep wilderness by myself and get nothing out of it.

Rock: Do you realize what would happen if we brought fire back to the village?!

Crock: I never thought about that.

Rock: Everyone will love us. They’ll let you come back and live in the village and you won’t be lonely out here in the wilderness anymore!

Crock: How do you know they won’t banish me again?

Rock: Because, they’ve never seen fire before! You will be a like a god to them!

Crock: I think you’re right. But I will tell only you. You take a piece of flint – this hard stone and clash them together until there is a spark. This will light the dry weeds and sticks on fire.

Rock: Wow! That’s amazing! Okay, so how about we start heading back to the village now? We should be able to make it there before sundown.

Crock: Lets go!

(Crock and Rock start heading back to the village. They make it right before nightfall)

Scene 3.

Rock: I have arrived and I have found something amazing!

(all the towns people chatter)

Rock: On my journey in the forest, I met this wise old man. He has shared with me the magic of FIRE and we are here to share it with you. It will warm you when it is cold…it will bring light into the will cook meat to make it taste much better. We are here to share it with you, by fellow villagers.

(Townspeople cheer.)

Scene 4.

Rock: You won’t believe what happened! You are now looking at the Leader of the Village by the River. The old man is now Keeper of the Fire. I have banished slavery, and fire has forever changed our village.


The company of "Rock's Tale" – L to R: Nick Kruel, Ian Barrett (playwright), Jimmy Haynal. Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor, NY. Photo by Jessica Adamowicz.


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