Paranoia – Southampton High School (2014)


Leila Thomas and Madison Kelly in Casey Gise’s “Paranoia.” 

 Paranoia by Casey Gise

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(Scene 1)

Sophia: I don’t feel well. I think something could be seriously wrong.

Abby: What do you mean? What’s wrong?

Sophia: I feel like I have the flu, but it could be more than that.

Abby: Sophia what are you trying to say? Just say it!

Sophia: You know that disease going around, Ebola?

Abby: Yes… Sophia. You don’t have Ebola. You’re overreacting.

Sophia: But you don’t know that!

Abby: I do know that. You always think there is something wrong with you and there never is. Last time it was leprosy, and before that it was narcolepsy.

Sophia: Okay maybe that’s true but this time I’m serious!

Abby: You haven’t been out of the country, you haven’t been around anyone that has it so no.. You don’t have it. If you’re still concerned then go to the doctor and see what they say.

(Sophia walks off stage)


(Scene 2)

(in school)

Sophia: Oh my god…There is definitely something wrong with me! They tested me for Ebola!

Abby: Okay well they’re probably doing the test so you calm down. You don’t need to freak out

Sophia: If you say so.. I just don’t understand why they would do a test if they were sure I didn’t have it.

Abby: I don’t know either but stop. You’re fine.

Sophia: I’m getting the results in 24 hours so I’ll let you know..

Abby: Alright


(Scene 3)

(school the next day)

(texts with Sophia and Abby)

Abby: Why aren’t you in school?

Sophia: I’m sick.

Abby: Oh please. You’re seriously gonna miss school because of this?

Sophia: Why do you always think I’m lying? Maybe I’m wrong sometimes but that doesn’t mean that every time I think I’m sick it isn’t true.

Abby: Well how am I ever supposed to believe you when 99% of the time you’re over exaggerating.

Sophia: I’m not!!! Stop saying that. You’re being a really bad friend.

Abby: I’m not trying to but it’s hard to deal with it sometimes.

Sophia: Sorry but I thought I could tell you anything.

Abby: You can, you just need to understand that there’s not always something wrong with you.

Sophia: I always say that to myself but once I get a symptom I start to worry.

Abby: I don’t think you’re actually getting symptoms I think it’s all in you’re head.

Sophia: Alright. I have to go. I’m going back to bed.


(Scene 4)

(next day in school)

  Look who decided to show up today! Feeling any better?

Abby: Look who decided to show up today! Feeling any better?

Sophia: And look who decided to care for once!

Abby: I’m sorry I was being a bitch. I didn’t mean it I was just really annoyed.

Sophia: It’s okay. I’m over it.

Abby: So why did you come to school today?

Sophia: I have a math test and an English quiz. I already have a lot of stuff to makeup I didn’t wanna miss that too.

Abby: Oh. When do you get your test results?

Sophia: In a few hours.

Abby: I’m not trying to be annoying, but do you really think you would really be able to come to school if you had Ebola?

Sophia: I’m leaving after English.

Abby: But still…

Sophia: Ugh i don’t know Abby, I’m just making sure. Can you just pretend I never told you that? You’re not letting it go.

Abby: Sorry sorry I’ll stop.


(Scene 5)

(after school)

Sophia: You were right. The test was negative. Happy?

Abby: I’m happy you don’t have it. Aren’t you?

Sophia: Obviously. I was just not looking forward to you rubbing it in my face.

Abby: I’m not trying to rub it in your face. I’m just trying to help! Can’t you see that it’s actually becoming a problem?

Sophia: I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you think I’m a hypochondriac or something? Well it’s not true. I don’t even think I’m sick that often.

Abby: Seriously? It’s something new every week. That’s way more often than a normal person.

Sophia: A normal person? What are you trying to say?

Abby: I’m not trying to say you’re weird I just think you need help! I’m trying to help! You think I’m not being a good friend because I’m not on your side but it’s because I’m actually trying to help you. I’m not just trying to start a fight.

Sophia: Trying to help?! What are you doing that’s helping me at all. Telling me I’m wrong clearly isn’t making anything better. And most of the time I think there’s something wrong with me there actually is.

Abby: When was the last time you were actually sick? Not your little tantrums where you refuse to come to school because you think you have the Black Plague.

Sophia: Just leave me alone.

(Sophia alone in her room)

Sophia: Maybe you are right. Maybe there really is something wrong with me. But maybe me thinking that makes me even more of a hypochondriac? This sucks. Ugh. This is crazy I shouldn’t even be thinking this way. But you are right… I do think I’m sick more often than others and I guess it’s true that most of the time. You’re always right and I’m really sorry.


(Scene 6)

(Sophia and Abby in the cafeteria)

Abby: I’m glad all of this is over and were done fighting.

Sophia: Me too.

Abby: Do you want anything to drink? I’m gonna go get a soda.

Sophia: Yeah sure can you get me a water?

Abby: Yep.

(Sophia to herself)

Sophia: I feel dizzy… No! I need to get it together. It’s all in my head.

Abby: Here you go (hands Sophia the water)

Sophia: Thanks.

Abby: Are you feeling okay? You’re looking a little pale.

Sophia: Yeah I’m fine

(Sophia stands up to put water down and faints)


(Scene 7)

(In the hospital and Sophia wakes up alone)

Sophia: What? Where am I? This is definitely a dream. Has my disorder really gotten this bad?

(Abby walks in with water)

Abby: How are you? I was so worried about you. Did you just wake up?

Sophia: What? What happened?

Abby: You fainted at my house. The doctors say you have lymes disease.

(End of Play)


The cast and writer of “Paranoia.”

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