Oblivious (2016)



Amelia Clark and Jennifer Lupo in
Emma Gallagher’s play “Oblivious”


by Emma Gallagher

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Paige sits on a stool, frozen. The lights are dimmed and a pre-recording of Paige’s voice reads:

Paige: No one really gets what it is like to be me. With mom and dad, and my sister. She’s always pushing me. Only my friends can somewhat support and understand me. Why is it… (Milania walks into the house with a backpack after walking home from school and Paige seems to come to life.) Hey, Milania, I’m going to a party on Friday. You’re going to be home with mom, right?

Milania: Well, I got invited to that party, too.

Paige: Oh. Are you gonna go?

Milania: I was thinking that I would. I never go to parties.

Paige: Well then who’s gonna stay with mom?

Milania: Maybe dad can take off. I’ll ask him.

Paige: Okay.

(Paige leaves the room and Milania takes out her phone, texting her dad. She puts it down and then a little while later it goes off and she picks it up.)

Milania: (yelling) Paige?

(Paige enters the room.)

Paige: Yeah?

Milania: Dad can’t stay home with mom. He’s gonna be away, somewhere in New York.

Paige: Okay, so could you stay home?

Milania: What about you?

Paige: Well, I already told everyone that I’m going.

Milania: So just tell them you can’t.

Paige: (rolls eyes) No. Why do you even want to go to a party anyway? I thought you didn’t like parties.

Milania: I never said that. I’m just always busy taking care of mom and with school. I’ve stayed home with mom for like the whole week while you’ve been out with your friends.

Paige: I help mom, too… if you’re implying that I don’t.

Milania: I just want to go out and have fun this one time… can’t you just stay home this once?

Paige: But Mona really wants me to go.

Milania: (sighs)

Paige: Well, I’m going upstairs.

(Paige starts towards the door but stops and turns around what Milania asks)

Milania: So when are we going to resolve this?

Paige: I don’t know. (Starts walking towards the door again.)

Milania: Stop!

Paige: What?

Milania: You always do this.

Paige: Do what?

Milania: Leave an argument before it is resolved so the other person is forced to have it your way.

Paige: No… I don’t

Milania: Really. Then what was that when you just tried to walk away?

Paige: I was just going to my room.

Milania: So I could just give in to what you want.

Paige: Well I…

Milania: (interrupting Paige) Or how about all the other times you’ve wanted to go out and not stay with mom? You’ve done the same thing. You start an argument and then leave. Then the other person doesn’t feel like bringing it up again or chasing you, so they do what you want them to. I’ve dealt with this for my whole life and not once brought it up to you.

Paige: Sorry. You just don’t know how hard it is for me.

Milania: Actually, I do.

Paige: You don’t seem like it.

Milania: We just deal with it in different way. You don’t think this is hard for the rest of us?

Paige: No… I just… (starts crying.)

(Milania walks over to Paige, becomes less angry and more sympathetic.)

Milania: It’s okay. I just shut it out by working. And you…

Paige: I go to my friends because they are the only ones who understand me and support me. They’re the only ones who understand what I’m going through.

Milania: The only ones?

Paige: Yeah, who else will?

Milania: But…

Paige: (interrupting Milania) I can’t… do this. (quickly leaves the room.)

Milania: (sits on a stool) They support you, but who will support me?

(Stage goes dark)

(The lights come on and show Paige getting off the phone.)

Paige: Bye, Mona.

(Paige lays on her bed staring at the wall and then turns over to stare at the ceiling with her hand on her forehead. She sighs. Milania walks in and sits on Paige’s bed.)

Milania: Paige, I’ll stay home.

Paige: Really?

Milania: Yeah. I thought about it and I know you want to go more than me. It’ll just be easier anyway. Plus, everyone is probably expecting you to be there.

Paige: (as she sits up) Thanks! You don’t know how much this means to me!

Milania: No problem. (But there is a look of disappointment on her face as she leaves the room.)

(The stage once again goes dark.)

(One side of the stage shows a light shining on Milania sitting on her mother’s bed looking at her mother. The other side slowly lights up and shows Paige putting on makeup and earrings. Whens he is finished, she looks at herself in the mirror for awhile and looks down. It appears as though Paige has left the house as it is a while before she enters the other side of the stage. She motions for Milania and Milania walks over to her. Paige whispers something to Milania.)

(The stage darkens again. The girls leave the stage. They enter Paige’s room, but instead of Paige in the dress, Milania is in the dress. They hug and while still hugging, Paige apologizes to Milania.)

Paige: I’m sorry, Milania. I was oblivious to the fact that you were right here to support me, and that you’ve needed support, too. I’ve been selfish. I want you to go to this party.

(Milania smiles and Paige leaves the room and the lights on that side go out. Paige enters her mother’s room and lies next to her. The lights go out)





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