Hiding in the Closet – Tuckahoe School (2011)

Daisy Ruales and Kyle Johnson in Jasmyn Amadour’s play “Hiding in the Closet.” Photo by Star Black.

Hiding in the Closet

By Jasmine Amador

Tuckahoe School (2)

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LOCATION OF SCENE: School Cafeteria

TIME OF DAY: Morning

(Brian and Bridget sitting down)

BRIAN: (smile and wink) Hey how was practice?

BRIDGET: (smile) Great! How about you?

BRIAN: ugh It’s hard to hide the fact I’m gay around the guys. They make jokes all the time.

BRIDGET: Did you ever think it’ll be that easy?

BRIAN: (worried) No, I expected it to be less complicated.

BRIAN: (sad tone) Hey, can I ask you a question? It’s about a guy (Brian zoning out/daydreaming)

BRIDGET: Yea what?

BRIAN: So nice!

BRIDGET: (yelling) Brian? Brian? Brian!

BRIAN: (woke up from daydream) Huh! WHAT!

BRIDGET: Chill Brian what’s wrong with you? All I wanted to ask you is if you liked the new guy?

BRIAN: (Whispered) Do you think you can say it any louder?

BRIDGET: (sad voice) Sorry I was joking!

BRIAN: (whispered angrily) Do you want the whole school to know I’m a gay? Huh! Look we’ll talk about this later. Just meet me at the football field.

(Bridget holding Brian’s hand)

BRIDGET: NO! we’ll talk about this now. You just got to chill.

BRIAN: NO! just stop

(Brian getting up to leave)

BRIDGET:  Brian! But wait …

Location: Football field

Time of day: Afternoon

(Brian and Bridget sitting down holding hands)

BRIAN: (regret) I’m sorry. (Scratching his head) I’m so confused right now!

BRIDGET: (anxious voice) About what?

(Bridget releasing her hand)

BRIAN: (frustrated) My life… I’m an athlete, who’s…

BRIDGET: (looking at Brian) Look you are who you wanna be

BRIAN: But I don’t wanna be who I am. It’s hard!

BRIDGET: (smiles) Brian, You’re an athlete, you get all the girls, and you have a great friend, me! It doesn’t matter if your team mates are judge mental all that matters is how you feel. I bet I understand and plus you’re an amazing guy.

BRIAN: (confused) I get all the girls? Yea right! Girls are all over me but I don’t wanna date them. My team mates don’t matter? They do, if they find out I’m gay I will get kicked off the team and they will make fun of me.

( Brian releases Bridget’s hand)

BRIDGET: Look I understand!

BRIAN: You don’t understand. No one understands.

BRIDGET: I do. I see you go through this.

BRIDGET: I think it’s time you tell the truth. No more secrets!

BRIAN: Do you think so? Should I?

BRIDGET: Would you rather live in a lie or come clean and no more secrets? You choose.

BRIAN: Bridget, give me your opinion. Please

BRIDGET: If I were you I would come clean that’s my opinion.

BRIAN: Hmmmm…

BRIDGET: So what are you gonna do now?

BRIAN: I don’t know!

BRIDGET: Look It’s your life. I’m just trying to help.

BRIAN:( Upset) Thanks. But I think I know what to do.

BRIDGET: (uncertain) Are you sure?


BRIDGET: Oh yea so you were asking about a guy?

BRIAN 🙁 confused) When?

BRIDGET: (smiling) At lunch. Remember?

BRIAN: Oh yea! Well he seems like a nice guy, but I don’t even know his name.

BRIDGET: If this helps his name is Lucca.

BRIAN: (bits his lip) I guess I might have feelings for Lucca but…

BRIDGET: But… What?

BRIAN: But…(paces) I don’t know anything about him.

BRIDGET: Well then go talk to him. What are you waiting for?

BRIAN: (bites his lip)I’m nervous

BRIDGET: You know his name and he plays sports.

BRIAN: (smiles) Just like me

BRIDGET: See you have things in common.

BRIAN: Nah! People will suspect.

BRIDGET: (rolls her eyes) Of what? You talking to someone. Oh yea that’s such a big crime.

BRIAN: no, no, no I don’t wanna talk to him.


BRIAN: fewwwww

BRIDGET: Brian, I think it’s time to tell the truth.

BRIAN: (raise eyebrow) I thought you said it was my chose

BRIDGET: (shrugs) Well…

BRIAN: Well, I choose not to say anything.

BRIDGET: I just want to help you come out of your closet so this won’t be harder later.

BRIAN: I know you just want to help but I can’t come out.

BRIDGET: Would you rather come clean or…

BRIAN: Or what? Tell everyone I’m gay and have the whole school make fun of me? Huh!  Is that what you want? You know what Bridget, STOP! You’re suffocating me with your advice.

BRIDGET: (yelling) Jeez! I was just trying to help because you seem upset and confused all the time about this.

BRIAN: (sad tone) Bridget…

BRIDGET: (yelling) Wait… Do you ever ask how I feel, always pretending to be your girlfriend. Huh! I can’t go out with other guys cuz I’m busy helping you.

BRIAN: Bridget, I’m sorry for real

(silent pause)

BRIAN: Can you forgive me? Please


BRIAN: You know what? You’re right I should stop hiding and come out.


BRIAN: (yelling) People, Listen, I’m

BRIDGET: Brian, what are you doing?

BRIAN: Something I should’ve done before

BRIDGET: Are you sure?

BRIAN: (raise one eyebrow) Are you making me regret this?

BRIDGET: No, No Continue

BRIAN: (yells) I’M GAY!!!!!!!

BRIDGET: WOW! You did it

BRIAN: Yea I did

(Brian and Bridget hug )

The company of Jasmyn Amador’s play “Hiding in the Closet,” from L to R- Daisy Ruales, Jasmyn Amador (playwright), Kyle Johnson. Photo by Star Black.

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