Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover (2018)

Alexis Davis (Kylie) and Samantha Udave (Rachel) in Alexis Davis’ play Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover


By Alexis Davis

Bridgehampton School

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[After School. Before Basketball practice. Gymnasium.]

RACHEL: I heard they needed someone for the team. That you don’t have a lot of players.

KYLIE: It’s not cheerleading practice.

RACHEL: I came here to play basketball not be a cheerleader. I want to try out.

KYLIE: You’re a girlie girl. What are you going to do? Skip down the court? You’re just going to get hurt playing on our team. You should stick to gymnastics or dance or whatever else it is you do.

RACHEL: You know you totally underestimate me. I don’t just shop and worry about my makeup and hair. What’s the problem? Am I threatening to you? Maybe your scared I’m going to score more than you? Or get credit for winning. Maybe you’re afraid you will look bad because I might be better than you?

KYLIE: All the girls agree. We don’t want a prissy girl on the team. We don’t want girly girls coming in and messing everything up so get lost.

(picks up basketball and exists)

[Later. Doctor’s Office. Kylie injured her wrist during practice.]

KYLIE: (on cell phone) Hi Coach. Well they said when I fell in practice and put out my hands to protect myself I must have fractured my wrist. Yeah, I know without me we don’t have enough players, but he said there is no way I’ll be able to play in the championship game. I’m sorry. I feel really bad I’m letting you and everyone else down. What girl?That girl Rachel who came to try out? You would use THAT girl to replace me on the team? What if she breaks a nail or messes up her hair? Well yeah I guess you’re right it’s better than having to forfeit the game altogether. I guess it’s better than nothing. I just hope she doesn’t embarrass us. K bye. See you later. (hangs up phone)

[Sounds of basketball game crowds cheering]

(After Championship game. Gymnasium. Kylie sitting on bench. Rachel enters.)

KYLIE: You did good this game Rachel.

RACHEL: You think?

KYLIE: Yeah you actually helped us to win. ( pause) I’m sorry.

RACHEL: For what?

KYLIE: For underestimating you. I didn’t think a girl like you could be that good at sports.

RACHEL: Well now you know I guess. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

KYLIE: Yeah lesson learned. You totally have my respect.

RACHEL: Thanks.

KYLIE: And you helped me out of a bad situation by covering me. So thank you.


KYLIE: I would be proud to have you on our team. I think everybody would. What do you say?

RACHEL: Hmm… let me think. (jokingly) I say… yes.

(Kylie puts her hand up for a high five. Rachel high fives her. )

L to R: Alexis Davis (Kylie, Playwright) Samantha Udave (Rachel)

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