A Sticky Relationship (2018)

(L. to R. Julian Cheng as Jam, Ayanna El as Peanut Butter)

A Sticky Relationship

by Autumn Coffey


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(Starts out with Peanut Butter and Jam, played by the same actor as Jelly, hanging out together in the bread cabinet away from Jelly. They are both dressed in outfits that portray their characters. PB is in a peanut butter jar costume and Jam/Jelly is in a purple jar that has a removable tag that identifies which one is which.)

PB: (excitedly) I’m so happy we got to hang out today.

Jam: Me too, I thought I would give you a break from Jelly.

PB: HAHAHA, thanks. I really needed it.

(PB gets a text from Jelly)

PB: I don’t know why Jelly keeps texting me. I told him that I had other plans today but he just keeps asking me to hang out.

Jam: Damn, that really sucks. He seems a little possessive.

PB: I know, I don’t even understand it.

Jam: Maybe you should go and tell him that.

PB: Yeah, you’re right but I don’t wanna hurt his feelings and cause more problems.

Jam: Yeah, but you have to or nothing’s gonna be resolved.

PB: I know, I’ll do it eventually.

Jam: You should just get it over with.

PB: Yeah, you’re right, I guess.

Jam: So, I’ll leave you to it.

PB: Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it. I’ll see you another day.

(Jam exits and changes into Jelly. PB is staring at his phone thinking of what to reply to Jelly’s message)

PB: I don’t know my we always end up getting sandwiched together. I don’t know why I’m the only one that sees how awkward that is. Why can’t I just be off by myself? I want to be able to be successful and stand on my own. Meeting new people will also be really fun. Jelly never lets me spend time with anyone else. Everyone around us just always sees us together and are like “Hey you see Peanut Butter and Jelly over there? Don’t they just look perfect together?” Like why can’t it be “Look at how strong and independent Peanut Butter is all by himself?” And Jelly just doesn’t make it any better. He always messages or calls me trying to make plans EVERYDAY. He always gets jealous when I’m hanging out with my other friends or even when I just mention my other friends. I really hate it, I never get time to myself because of him. Hmmm. I don’t know what to do.

(Jelly calls Peanut Butter to make plans)

Jelly: Hey Peanut Butter, what are we gonna do today?

PB: (trying to think of a lie) Hey, ummm.

Jelly: PB, are you still there?

PB: Oh yeah sorry but I kinda don’t feel well. So I think that I am gonna stay home today. Sorry, I’ll see you another day.

Jelly: It’s okay, I kind of have a lot of errands to run today anyway. See you another day.

PB: Ohkay, see ya.

(Jelly spots PB in the spice cabinet with someone else and decides to approach him. There is a projector split in half; one side showing a cabinet door and the other showing all different kinds of spices. And there is like a projection of a Jam jar, to show that PB is talking to Jam.)

Jelly: (to himself) Why is he here with someone else?

Jelly: Hey PB.

PB: (to himself) Crap. (to Jelly) Uhm hey, I can explain.

Jelly: (embarrassed) If you didn’t wanna hang out with me, you could have just said so…

PB: I just thought that I could spend time with other people because we always hang out.

Jelly: I mean we always hang out but I enjoy spending my time with you but next time just tell me.

PB: Well I thought that you wouldn’t understand and that you would be jealous…

Jelly: Psht, me jealous? No way. Why would I be jealous? Well who are you with anyway?

PB: His name is Jam and he is pretty chill. He is from a factory in Nevada but he grew up here in NY.

Jelly: (to himself) I’m more fun and chill.

PB: Sorry I didn’t get that, what did you say?

Jelly: Oh, it was nothing important. Well I’m happy that you found someone else, tell me more about him.

PB: You should get to know him. He likes to explore and do lots of fun things. He even EXPLORES the REFRIGERATOR and the SPICE CABINET! He is such a rebel, I wanna be JUST like him!

Jelly: I think I’m ohkay, you should go have fun being adventurous with your new friend.

PB: This doesn’t mean that we can’t see each other or hang out again.

Jelly: I know, its just upsetting.

PB: Why? We don’t have to be with each other 24/7, it’s frustrating.

Jelly: You’re my only friend and you don’t even want to hang out with me.

PB: I never said that I didn’t want to.

Jelly:  But your actions tell a different story.

PB: You’re making a BIG DEAL out of NOTHING.

Jelly: Really ? Because I don’t think I am.

PB: Yeah, you’re just putting words in my mouth.

Jelly: Well since you clearly don’t see what you did wrong, I’m just gonna go.

PB: (frustrated) I never did anything wrong, you’re the one that’s so sticky.

Jelly: I don’t know why I was ever friends with you!

PB: If you feel that way then just leave.

Jelly: UGHHH!

(Jelly storms off really fast but then comes back fast really angry)

Jelly: (yelling) Y-Y-You know what, you talk about how sticky I am but you’re worse than I am! You send kids to the hospital with anaphylactic shock and make their throats close up and put them on their deathbed and I don’t require water after I’m eaten! You hurt children everyday, just like you hurt me, and it’s not right! You make me so ANGRY!

PB: (to himself) Ugh, why does he have to be right all the time? I just lost one of my greatest friends. I’m such an idiot all the time.

(Switches to PB in the condiments cabinet, where Jelly is sitting alone on the opposite side of the stage that PB enters from; PB goes to make things right)

Jelly: Hey, what do you want?

PB: I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.

Jelly: Sure.

PB: I am, I really mean it.

Jelly: I can’t be mad because it’s how you feel.

PB: I don’t feel that way anymore. I was just stressed because I don’t get a chance to talk to anyone else. I feel like you’re smothering me.

Jelly: I never said that you can’t have any other friends. It’s just that you’re my only friend and it’s hard for me to make friends.

PB: Oh, I didn’t know. I apologize for acting so rude.

Jelly: I guess it’s okay, you just really hurt me.

PB: I genuinely apologize. I was just taking my anger out on you.

Jelly: I understand, everyone makes mistakes.

PB: I actually enjoy spending time with you. You’re a really fun person and you always make me laugh.

Jelly: Really?

PB: Yeah, you may be clingy sometimes but you’re an amazing friend and i’ll always stick by your side.

Jelly: I just want you to understand that you’re my only friend and it’s hard for me to make friends.

PB: Jelly, I honestly didn’t know and i’m genuinely sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Jelly: It’s okay, I accept your apology.

PB: So what are the plans for the day?

Jelly:  I don’t know. Maybe we can go hang out with Jam?

PB:  Are you sure?

Jelly: Yeah, it’s always good to make new friends and step out of your comfort zone.

PB: I’ll call him right now and make plans. I think that you’ll really like him!

Jelly: Sounds good to me! I’m really excited! Maybe we can all hang out in the fridge?

PB: He said that we can meet him on the counter, let’s go! This is gonna be fun!

(PB and Jelly are on their way to the counter and PB yells out to Jam; Jelly and PB are both heading off stage)

PB: Hey Jam, there is someone I’d like you to meet. I think you’ll like him!

L. to R. Ayanna El (Peanut Butter), Autumn Coffey (playwright), Julian Cheng (Jam/Jelly)




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